Hi guys!

i'm new on the forum and i'm italian so forgive my terrible english. Just one question ..

I have just purchased and am waiting for it to arrive;

-GT DD Pro premium bundle with boost kit

-ClubSport formula v2.5X

-pedal unit with load cell

I noticed from the site that the steering wheel drivers are different from the base one. so how do updates work? (I will play on PS5)

Once I have downloaded fanalab I have to download the latest drivers (434) and can I go quiet?

thank you for those who will answer and for your patience!


  • If you are going to play on PS5. You only have to download the latest drivers from one of the 2. Just download the highest version and install that on your PC and update firmware of all the Fanatec components to what is included in the driver.

    You don't need Fanalab when playing on PS5.

  • hi!

    then I attach everything to the pc, download the 434 driver and am ready to play?

  • Yes, install drivers and connect to the PC, update all the firmware. Make sure you connect V3 pedals using USB for a firmware update (do not connect to the base and usb at the same time).

    Then you should be able to connect everything to the base and the base to PS5.

    When you connect to PS5 you will need to press PS button (I think it is the same as XBOX button on the Formula 2.5x) on your wheel first and then 'X' (similar to the controller)

  • Thanks a lot!

    1. Download the Driver package (one file) to your PC. As stated, you do not need the separate Fanalabs software, if your are only paying on PS. Install that driver software on the PC
    2. Connect the wheel base to the PC. Make sure it is in PC mode
    3. Start the Fantec driver software (it will usually have installed a desktop short cut)
    4. Follow the instructions to update the firmware of the wheel base/motor, if they are requested and follow ay other hints/requests, calibrations etc
    5. You will be asked to attach the wheel. f it confirms that there is a firmware update, do so and follow the instructions including any required calibrations
    6. You can at this point change settings for the wheel/wheel base as necessary
    7. Attach the pedals direct to the PC using USB ( if you have already connected them to the wheel base, unplug that connection before attaching the USB). The pedals should now be seen in the Fanatec driver ap.
    8. Update the firmware as required following the instructions.
    9. Unplug the pedals' USB from the PC and connect the pedals to the wheel base using the RG24 lead
    10. Restart the wheel base and then open the fanatec driver software and it should show that you now have the wheel base, wheel and pedals attached. You can set up the pedals as required.
    11. Remove the wheelbase USB from the PC. Change the wheel base mode to PS mode and plug it into the PS. Set up the wheel base, wheel pedals etc as necessary in the PS and game settings.
    12. start playing and enjoy
  • Does this mean I need to buy the USB connector (which is not part of the DD Pro) to update the pedal set?

    Thanks Gerhard

  • We were talking about V3s, I am not sure if there is anything to update within the stock CSL pedals. USB connectivity will come with Load cell pedal

  • So to play on Ps5 do I have to do all this?

    I think I understand everything except the thing about the pedals .. I will not have a V3 but the elite csl they give you in the premium bundle (with load cell).

  • Thanks but just you spoke about the V3. I think Andrea has the same setup as I have CSL pedals from the DD Pro bundle with the Loadcell Kit. So the GT DD Pro permium bundle. https://fanatec.com/eu-de/komplettpakete/gran-turismo-dd-pro-premium-bundle.

    Have a great day.

  • yes exactly! but I saw that in the premium bundle they give you both usb cable and r12 adapter .. am I wrong?

  • Yes, you will get the usb cable with the load cell pedal, so you will be able to connect the pedals to the computer via usb to update the hardware.

    If you have CSL without load cell, just connect them to the base and don't worry about updating them.

  • thank you so much for the support. you were all fantastic!

    I'll come back to read you again when I get everything .. in March: ')

    Have a nice day!

  • OK great - I was not aware that the USB cable is part of the Loadcell Kit. I already wanted to buy it in addition.

    Thanks Gerhard

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