V3 Adjustment Screw Problem.

Hey Guys,

My Red Adjustment Screw is turning by itself. What i mean is when i set it to 2 and i drive for around 1-2 hours its nearly by 1 1/2.

Im using BPK with Medium Setting.

Is there anything i can do to make it more stable? For Endurance its annoying when half through the race the preload is diffrent.



  • If I remember correctly, you should not use preload at all if you have BPK installed.

  • Well you need to tight it for the mechanical play and thats the Problem. While driving the Screw turns itself and the play comes back which feels weird then :D

  • Do you have the elastomers installed correctly?

    With the BPK, you need to use the short (15mm) PU Foam that comes with the kit along with 2 colored elastomer plugs.

    To me, it sounds like you did not install the shorter PU Foam plug and just installed 2 of the colored elastomers.

    This would account for the need to turn the preload adjuster to 2 to get rid of the slack.

    I have the same pedals and same BPK kit and I cannot turn the preload adjuster that far out (maybe 1 turn in total before it gets tight).

  • Ive installed the 15mm PU Foam and 1 Green 13mm+1 Red 13mm.

    I can still turn the Preloadscrew to 5 with this Setup.

    Dont know whats wrong there.

    I even took them all out and checked them for errors but all are correct, cleaned everything and lubricated the 2 elastometers again.

    But issue is still there even at Preload 5.

  • Hmmmm, you have the forward mount of the piston in the lowest hole on the pedal upright?

    If so, there is defineatly something wrong. You should not be able to turn the preload out that much.

    I would contact Fanatec support about it.

  • Yeah its in the lowest hole.

    I´ve contacted Fanatec Support.

    Thanks for your input :)

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