Forza Horzion 5 freezes/carshes because of fanatec wheels! CSL DD and CSL Elite and more



  • I really hope it gets fixed in 2 weeks or so as you threw out there as a random guess. But the game's been out for a month and a half and it hasn't had any attempt at fixing this issue. They have a lot bigger glaring problems and I would guess wheel users are still pretty low on the ladder. If we see a fix for this before the end of the year I would be immensely surprised.

    The biggest reason I want this working on PC besides the fact that I have a high-end gaming PC that has improved graphics over the series X is that I have a motion rig coming in the next week and it only works on PC games.

  • For those of you wondering if rolling back to the old driver works with the new CSL DD it works just fine for Forza. obviously you have issues with other games with the old driver so I don't suggest rolling back unless you are going to be playing alot of Forza.

  • I installed FH5 on my 9900k 2080ti machine, running DD2 and Formula1 V2 (with podium shifters) rim and V3i pedals, with shifter and handbrake... All running through wheelbase.

    I get all the same lockup issues I've seen posted everywhere.

    I only loaded the game because I have game pass, and like to use it to just blow off steam occasionally.

    First issue is that the game has native wheel (controls) selections for my rig. However, it never even registers my wheel unless I put it PC Comp mode. Then it's emulates a clubsport base... Not the same. Feedback is muted and dull on $5k with of equipment which is disappointing.

    I know this is probably a playground games issue, but it seems like they had a plan that included recognizing these fanatec setup combinations initially or they would not be available as standard layout options.

    The game sucks in many other ways though too. No triple screen support so must use Nvidia surround mode. Can't have Discord running.

    Appreciate anything you do at your end Maurice! And everything you already do... Love your car profiles for other Sims...

    Just adding my experiences to the discussion


  • Just adding a few more thoughts as it's been a few weeks. It looks like neither fanatec nor the forza team have done anything to fix this issue. Someone mentioned they were having similar crashing on Horizon 4 and that it was a related issue. I would say that is something unique to them. I have used multiple different wheels and wheel bases on Horizon 4 and Forza Motorsport 7 without a single crash after hours and hours of play.

    I also agree that it stinks we have to use compatibility mode instead of direct drive mode, as I think the resolution is much lower and the feeling in the wheel is not nearly as good. Extremely disappointing that the premier racing game on Windows and XBox doesn't work with one of the largest wheel manufacturers for more than 10 minutes without completely failing and even if that has to run in a five-year-old compatibility mode. It's unfair that these companies market compatibility and then completely don't have it so we buy their product just to struggle to use it for a few minutes of enjoyment.

  • There is zero difference in FFB between PC and Compatibility mode.

  • Good morning all. 

    I have the DD pro with driver version 439 and the game crashes every 10min in PC compatibility mode. 

    So we can't play FH5 with a fanatec steering wheel?

  • Yep, its a game issue which the game developer needs to fix.

    In the meantime you could downgrade the driver to 356 or 346 which works for most Podium DD users, however the GT DD PRO is not compatible with this old driver so I fear all you can do is wait for a game patch which fies the issues.

  • Thanks for you answer !

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