Horrible performance and MAJOR frame drops

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It can't just be me, when using this wheel(CSL DD) in forza horizon 5, every time the game send a signal for FFB, my game drops to 40fps and lags horribly making it unplayable.

I have a 9900k at 5ghz, a 3090, and 32gb of ram, you cannot tell me this is the fault of my hardware. I do not have this problem with any other game or when using my g27.

Can someone explain this?


  • There is something which do not match up between CSL DD and FH5. Cannot really recall what it was. Do look at posts further back.

    Does your CSL DD work ok with other titles?

  • AFAIK, the current Fanatec drivers do not play nicely with FH5, and haven't done since the game was released. Last I knew, the game devs were "looking into it", but we know how that can go.

    Some users have reported success with installing oooooollllddd drivers from like 2 years ago (which makes no sense to me), but I haven't tried that because to me, it's not worth doing for just that one game. If you're interested, you should be able to search these forums for some threads that would give you more detail on which specific driver package and where to find it.

  • Yeah CSL DD works great with everything else. Just pretty frustrating since FH5 Is the most fun one in my opinion. I like the semi arcade style but whatever. I still have the g27.

    I can reserve the DD for the more serious titles, been playing more assetto corsa and dirt rally 2 this week anyway.

    I really don't want to try old or experimental drivers for one game, seems a bit excessive but oh well. Guess I'll wait and hope the developers fix it.

  • The frame drop you're getting is from the Fanatec SDK and FH5 not getting along during any heavy loading time. Usually the game completely crashes for most Fanatec users at this point.

    I am using a ton of work around to play FH5 smoothly on GT DD Pro. But you have to use the 346 driver to get it working. If you do want to go that route I can give you details on my setup for FH5, but it's still annoying.

    I am getting 120 fps on i9900k with 3080 so you should be getting better frames somehow.

    But like you mentioned, FH5 is pretty fun and its what my friends are playing atm so I am jumping through those hoops to do it.

    We really have to wait on Forza to update. Here's a pic from the FH5 known issues page.

    and here's the link to the page: https://support.forzamotorsport.net/hc/en-us/articles/4409616884883-FH5-Known-Issues

  • I see on that support page that Fanatec handbrake does not work consistently in FH5 for some users, but mine does consistently not work ...

  • I had to map the brake on a custom profile in game, and load that profile every time i boot the game. That works very well, but because I use 346 driver when it does go out of calibration, I have to jump through a few hoops to do it.

  • Yeah, something changed recently and now the game is broken, somehow. I used to get 100FPS with my config, now I can't go higher than 30FPS. I already tested all possible combinations, to no avail. This sucks.

  • Tried that (on Xbox) and I couldn't map the handbrake, it doesn't detect the handbrake input.

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    Well i left a nice long suggestion for this but it failed to post :( But I'll try again.

    I can't say on Xbox, but it works on PC for my DD Pro and the handbrake also works on my PS5 for GT Sport.

    I have had to do so many work arounds for FH5 that im dizzy at this point. But here's a couple last ditch ideas you can try:

    Shifter and handbrake have had grounding issues. Mostly on rigs. But I use the RJ12 with ferrite cores from the pedals to the base. This stops miss shifts on the H shifter and random input from the handbrake. On PC you can see it happen in the driver tools inputs. Sadly you can't on console. You could bring up telemetry while driving to see if you're getting any input.

    Others have done more serious grounding solutions, but see if you're using this cable, have one, or can get one from Fanatec.

    In game make sure you select your profile with the wheel. Some menu tabs in FH5 open specifically for the controller you use to open it. Advanced Controls works this way, and I have had warnings that I cannot save a Custom Profile by hitting the save button with the controller. It has to be with the wheel.

    I wish I had a concrete solution for you, but I think a FH5 patch is really really close to release to prepare for the DLC. FH4 did something in a similar time frame. Lets just hope they get the Fanatec fixes in there.

  • Some news here - I was able to fix the performance on my case by using DDU to completely wipe out the drivers, and installed the latest ones.

    DDU: https://www.guru3d.com/files-details/display-driver-uninstaller-download.html

  • the last Nvidia driver has issues with FH5 btw. Also if you just use the manual install for nvdia driver and check the Clean Install box it "should" do what that program is doing for you without having to use extra software.

  • Thanks a lot for the suggestions. I'll try a few things out Saturday.

  • Well I tried the 346 driver, even did a clean uninstall of the GPU drivers and reinstalled the latest but this is what is happening. All the drops you see is if I go off road, as soon as a signal is sent to the wheel to generate the FFB the GPU usage tanks along with the performance. Where you see it "steady" was the main highway , the smoothest road with the least amount of bumps. I hit one rock and everything goes sideways. Its beyond unplayable, cant finish a single race

    CPU never spiked a single time at all, didnt even boost to my full OC, ignore where I closed the game.

    So idk what kind of poor optimization they have going on for this but with my g27 im almost locked at 120fps the entire time.

    They really need to fix this if they are aware of it

  • Yup, but it didn't help in the end. I ended up formatting and starting from scratch.

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    Maybe they are not optimizing their FFB output, but I really don't get it because I have 11900k/3080/64GB ram. And the ram isn't gonna boost my frames at all. Your 3090 alone should be performing better than mine. And im around 115-120fps at 1440p and pretty high settings overall. On or Off Road. I have no idea how many cores the 9 series has offhand though. I know 10 series had a good bunch of them.

    However optimization wouldn't explain the Logitech wheels having no issues. My G920 works flawlessly, but it also isn't nearly as fun.

    But it is worth noting that if you do crash the game completely out with newer drivers on Fanatec, the Game and Wheel seem to crash. I have to power mine down cuz it gets stuck upside down.

    At this point we just need them to get this game fixed. But it's been so long since they patched. I really thought it would be today.

  • I'm not holding my breath, and youre right about the performance of the 3090. 4k max detail has me averaging 100+ frames, just not with the fanatec. Also if I crash a car hard enough in the game it ironically crashes the game, like the instant FFB signal is too much for forza to handle.

    At this point I'm looking at other "free roam" options but there are very little. Forza 4 didn't work either. Hoping the new GRID is a fun enough sim-arcade when that comes out, but other than AC mods it seems to be GT/Rally racing or nothing. Guess there isn't enough love for a drift or free roam sim, or I haven't found it yet.

  • Well 4K is probably tough to maintain on FH5. I run 2k res and get the frames i mentioned above.

    FH4 was always locked at 165 frames to my monitor refresh rate. But FH5 does not. Though it does look better overall.

    The biggest note right now is FH5 has to DLSS or whatever that open source version of it is called. I wish they'd add that already.

    I did just see a post above yours that 435 beta works, but i haven't even checked the forum for it yet.

  • Well its not a gpu issue, the 3090 is made for 4k and handles everything I throw at it flawlessly.

    Guess I figured it out, since I only got the wheelbase and Wheel to start with, ive been using the g27 shifter and pedals instead of waiting for another backordered product. For some reason games like forza and automobilista refuse to let you use both devices at the same time without bugging out. It's like the games refuse to accept I assigned an entirely different device for steering and panic when the signal is sent. It makes no sense to me but whatever, im not a developer for these guys.

    Just spent the last 2 hours in AC drifting and canyon driving with zero issues with the current setup. Other than the wheelbase trying to rip itself apart but that's a whole other problem. Dirt rally 2 also has zero issues with this setup. Was really trying to avoid having to buy more things unless anyone else can think of a fix for that.

  • Well I guess I'm not alone in this it seems.. My PC is VERY high end and it will run absolutely everything you throw at it. But... When I am trying out FH5 with my GT DD Pro I cant get more than freakin 15-20 fps! :O Every other game runs smooth (obviously..), but not this. And its only when using the wheel. This does not happen with a controller. Even if I run it at only 2K its still the same. Wtf is this? :O

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