FH5 not crashing with 435 beta and raytracing off?

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I have as GT DD Pro and I'm not crashing anymore with that combo. Does this work for anyone else?


  • I will try it out tomoorow. Playin tonight with friends so I'm a bit scared to start messin around with it now. Thanks for the heads up. :)

  • Still crashing with the new beta drivers and FW. Game crashed after 10 minutes.

    • DD2
    • Driver Version: 435
    • Base FW Version: 691
    • Motor FW Version: 42
    • FanaLab Version: not installed
    • Driver/FanaLab installed on C: drive C of course

    We need to still waiting for patch from Microsoft 😤

  • Yuppers. Crashing here too. I did 2 races, 2 Rivals times, then did some drifting in the main Festival are and when some random person invited me to a convoy it crashed hard.

    Not sure if i should flash firmware back to 4.34 before I go back to 3.46?

    I was actually gonna be a bit grumpy if it worked as everyone swears that its in FH5 software, but I can't figure out why I can run 3.46 and play.

  • It’s so random the crashes in FH5. Currently stil on 432 and was not crashing the other day. But could change tomorrow. Have tried all drivers and also the famous 346, but was still randomly crashing. Sometimes after 5 minutes, then after an hour etc.

    It’s just the game that is instable. Played FH4 for years and still play it and has never crashed, not with old drivers nor with much newer drivers that now suppose to cause FH5 to crash. No other game crashes with my wheel it’s only FH5. So in my opinion it’s then not a Fanatec Driver issue just a game issue.

    Even some friends still experience crashes in FH5 not using any Fanatec stuff.

  • Just curious, what does FH5 have that ACC does not?

  • COMPLETELY different games. ACC is full on GT simulation, FH5 is 1000-ft jumps, barreling down the side of a volcano at 200mph.

  • And Sunday Driving!

    Really it's the open world real road car experience that sets it apart from racing sims. I'm always driving cars i've owned, have previously owned, or a version of them that's as close as possible. GT cars are so not the cars I have ever driven. Even when they are the same car.

    Sadly Forza Horizon series just keeps reskinning and adding small unnoticable changes to each version. But in FH5 the steering wheel handing is vastly improved and you can drive it simlike or go crazy and do absurd stuff.

    I keep thinking they'll really open up this sandbox one day. Crazy Taxi? NFS? hmmm...

    There's just so much they could add in terms of gameplay that it's sad that they don't. Still. I keep going back to it.

    I've played tons of Sims like PGR, Forza MS, Gran Turismo, ACC, and so many more and they are all versions of each other with some nuance. But all of them have walls around you to keep you from just going for a nice drive.

    I am hopiing that Test Drive this year adds some competition to this style of game, but I can't even find out if it decent wheel support. I know Test Drive Unlimited did. And they had actual tracks around the world if I remember correctly.

  • lol today a 12.83GB patch came out but still no hotfix for our problem with fanatec wheels.

    So terrible 😭

    Before the problem will be fixed, the new Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown will be released. But then I won't play Horizon 5 anymore. 🤣

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