Fanatec Driver 439 (Public Release) (435-437 before) for CSL, CSW and Podium WB (all wheels)



  • Yes, no other problems with the wheel. Everything works great.

    Only the message is stupid 🤣

  • I also got the exceeded max rotations notification yesterday. Fanatec you really need to help me out. I post a serveral discussions about this and nobody response.

    I’ve got the high end product and i am not enjoying it at all. The only thing i am doing at the moment is praying if it won’t happen in a race.

    My patience is running out.

    So help me out.

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    Endurance Button Module is going into the set up while driving (Iracing) and without pushing the button. All the FFB goes away when this happens. Other times the buttons will not work randomly or the display will switch modes and revert back to just showing speed rather than the lap times page.

    CSL Elite PS4

    ClubSport universal hub


    V3 Pedals

    SQ V1.5 Shifter

  • Is anyone else having issues with CSL DD becoming super dampened after a hard spin or after impact from another car (even light impacts) with ACC?

  • Send support your log to see what they can find out. You can generate the log from the Fanatec Control Panel.

    • I have a DD1 with a McLaren V2 wheel and have stayed away from this update per the issues stated above about version 44 of the wheel. However, I saw it stated that this update has "Several fixes/adjustments for Clutch Bite Point mode" and since I have an upcoming IRacing Porsche Pcup race with standing start next week it has me wondering if I should try and download this update for the base. Would I need to update the wheel for these changes to take effect or could I still get this from just updating base and staying on V43 of wheel?

  • Regarding this known issue: "Natural Friction (NFR) can create a weird FFB sensation and not smooth feeling after some time, we suggest to set NFR to OFF in case you experience this issue."

    In rFactor 2 wheel can be turn smoothly for a while but sooner or later an occasion when I go from menu to drive, it becomes a bit "crispy". Like a worn ball bearing growling noise, it can be heard and can be felt during turning the wheel. rFactor and wheel base restart solve it for a while, but later comes it again. Last time I set NFR off, but described phenomenon came again, but some time later, than earlier when I used NFR=3. However, this problem is not exist in F1 2021 for example.

    I am not sure that quote above is about the same I described. I experienced it with 429 and 434 driver and connecting firmware as well.

    Now I use 434 PC driver, WB:, WBM:, SW: 43, W QR: and Fanalab v1.61.3 version and base in PC mode.

    HW config is CSL DD (5Nm), CSL Elite McLaren GT3 v2, CSL pedal

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    Upgraded to 434 driver and 1.63.1 Fanalab and Just randomly APM paddles stop responding. Butons on BME works but paddles don't. After restarting DD2 they work again but then there is no any FFB on DD2 and need to restart game to get FFB again. Happening on ACC and on iRacing. Downgraded to 429 driver and 1.60.2 Fanalab but happen again.



    this is error from log file

    ** FW-FFB Error tracing for E:\Steam\steamapps\common\Assetto Corsa Competizione\AC2\Binaries\Win64\AC2-Win64-Shipping.exe **


    CFAWForceFeedback::DeviceID Failed! DIERR_DEVICENOTREG


  • Thats most likely a hardware issue and you should contact the support.

    The error from the log file is normal.

  • Marcel,

    just an update to that P1 wheel trouble:

    Did some racing with the McL wheel and Podium base firmware 691 tonight. No obvious problems.

    Switched to the P1 wheel with the base still powered on but USB-cable unplugged because the new driver has the annoying habit to recenter the wheel as if a constant spring force is applied, as soon as the base is connected to the PC, which makes mounting the lock screw somewhat difficult. The recentering doesn't happen when the USB-cable is unplugged.

    Long story short: Switching from the McL wheel to the P1 wheel with the base powered on but not even connected to the PC causes the base to freeze the moment you attach the P1 wheel. Base won't even show up in the fanatec control panel after plugging in the USB-cable again.

    P1 wheel is the first one which had the snapdome shifters in case it matters.

    Might help to trace the problem.

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    tbh this more and more sounds like some kind of hardware issue on your base.

    I never ever had any kind centering spring when I power-on my DD2 with USB cable plugged in - of course after the PC booted and Windows finished loading as only then you should power-on the Base.

    I also just drove 45 minutes with a P1 wheel today without any issue. I also just attached it 50 times without any kind of freeze.

    I will now let the wheel attached and base and PC powered-on over night to see if it freezes over night without any action as you say this also happened to you.

    But if it didnt freezed tomorrow morning then its almost certain not a general FW issue (in which case I am sure we would have seen a lot of issue reports over the last 1.5 years since FW 675 but we didnt saw even one issue report as you are the first and only one ever reporting this issue) but more a specific hardware problem of your base...

  • That instruction of ONLY powering on the base after Windows has loaded, does that apply to all Fanatec bases or just DD bases? I have a CSW 2.5, and have always had the base on before Windows has loaded, and so far have not had any problems. Thanks.

  • That affects every base, yes.

    If you power-on the base before you power-on the PC then you can have issues like a constant spring force which indicates the base is not properly recognized by Windows (which fixes itself most of the time by opening the driver UI once though). But it is recommended to only power-on any Fanatec Base after Windows finished booting.

  • Problem in GT Sport PS5!!!

    I have a Podium DD wheel for Ps4/ps5... Last driver updated... PS5 updated, game updated.

    After pitting, or sometimes pausing the game, or going back to the lobby, or going in a session from qualy to race.. My wheel and base loss at least 50% off all my force feedback configuration, leaving my wheel almost with no feelings of track, car and etc... Tried to reset the configs, wheel and gt sport... But it is happening all the way. In online competitions it is causing me a lot of problems... Cause im losing feedback in online championship lobs, and this is hugely broking my racing pace...

    Is there any config in the wheel that is making it happen!?? Or in the game???.... Some of the wheel settings that needs to be at the same level as the game???

    Im really sad about this... Losing a lot of races cause of it...

    Come on Fanatec... Help me...

  • Sounds like a hardware defect and you should contact the support.

  • As expected, no freeze over night. Just drove another lap, P1 still working fine on DD2 with Base FW 691.

  • Hi again. I have noticed since at least v429 that I only get 880 Degrees of rotation in UI and in Games. I have a CSW 2.5 and thought they were 900 Degrees. Hopefully it is normal or an easy fix. Thanks again.

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    CSW never had real 900 degrees because of it's limiter. Most even only have around 860 so your 880 is absolutely fine.

  • Thanks Maurice. Yeah in Fanatec UI it gives me 440 L and R .

  • That would annoy me. Fanatec advertise the wheel as having "900° of rotation which can be reduced in the tuning menu of the attached ClubSport Steering Wheel". If I bought one, and it didn't have this feature my reaction would not simply be "that's fine".

  • Hi,

    When adjusting the brake pedal force in the Fanatec Control Panel the settings are not saved. Pedals are connected with usb. Any suggestions?

  • I think I might find my problem in the Podium Wheel base with the GT Sport...

    Puts de podium DD in "Comp PS4" mode to play the game, I was playing GT Sport on PS4/PS5 mode, as I found that it should be on this mode to play some older games...

    and for 30 minutes I played without problems. Lets see today that I´ll have more time to play and train for my champs... Will keep you noticed.

  • Hi,

    are you using PS4 or PS5? My Podium DD1 does only works with PS with the PS4/PS5 mode. Do you also have disconnecting problems?

    Thanks for posting this btw.

  • PS5... i used to play GT Sport in PS4/PS5 mode, but was experiencign loss of FFB, when pausing, returning to lob, or afet pitting in a race.

    No disconncting problems for now... i used to plug in the front usb cable.

    Changed the base mode, late last night, to COMP PS4, and played for 30 minutes without problems of losing some weight of the FFB.

    Will keep you guys updated today, late night will play for some hours to see if the problem is really gone or persists, even in COMP PS4, mode.

  • You are not alone as i also have had this very issue now for some time in RF2 only. We should report and include logs per request to ensure this issue is looked at. I saw a reddit post stating someone had to RMA their unit but not sure its this same exact issue as this happens only with one title...

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    Driver 436 available

    • Fix for clutch paddle issue on McLaren V2
    • Added calibration buttons for handbrake when no pedals are connected
    • Fixed Control Panel not always showing button inputs of CSW V1/V2 and CSL E 1.0/1.1


    This version contains a new McLaren V2 firmware to fix the issue of the right clutch paddle. The firmware has the same version number though, which is why you need to:

    1. Open Control Panel
    2. Open Firmware Manager on the update page
    3. Choose manual update in the top right
    4. Start steering wheel firmware update
    5. Click flash firmware

    P DD motor firmware test export

    Everyone having weird FFB behavior, especially regarding to the NFR setting should give this a try and let me know if its better.

    1. Open Control Panel
    2. Open Firmware Manager on the update page
    3. Choose manual update in the top right
    4. Start motor firmware update
    5. Use the 3-dots-button to browse the correct file for your base (.zip contains a file for DD1 and DD2)
    6. Flash firmware.

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    This is happening on PlayStation and in the error case things like buttons, steering, pedals won't work anymore but the FFB and LEDs are still coming in from the game? We are currently working on this.

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    There wasn't an update for it yet so you should be fine for a while until it prompts you an update.

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