Assetto Corsa Competizione PS5 platform setup have pedals problem as of PS5 new Nextgen update.

My Fanatec CSL V1.1 (not DD) CSR ELITE Loadcell pedal ,PS5 platform setup have pedals problem as of PS5 Nextgen update. When once I push throttle or brake pedal the pedal value is constantly full. Also I dont touch pedal but pedal value is freeze on full load. I trying purple compatibility mod and blue PS mode, the problem is same. But the problem only ACC new PS5 version. Other games: GTS,F1 2021-PS5, AC, ACC-PS4 all good!



  • This might be a software problem ingame. The PS5 next gen update has some more issues and bugs. My CSL Elite + and V3 pedals do work like they are supposed to. But using the DualSense controller, it has some problems too. When I hit the gas, It goes until I release the gas. Then it refuses to go on the throttle again until the car has come to a full stop. Yet the throttle graph in the lower right corner does show the correct input.

    Overall the PS5 upgrade version is a bit disappointing. The overall graphics are not what the previews showed. Rearview mirror is still like a PS2 game for instance. The 2022 liveries are not in the game yet, but the upgrade said they would be there. Tracks are not updated, but to be fair, they did not say they would update these. Zandvoort has been modified in 2019-2020 and it still is the old layout. Nothing that can't be fixed, but the time they took to make the upgrade version, they could and should have done a much better job in my opinion. And with GT7 around the corner, the dropped the ball on a very wrong moment.

  • Thanks your answer! I read many bugs, lot of internet site. I hope fix it problems,as soon as possible!

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