Csl dd wreckfest settings

Anyone have any good settings? Using my dirt settings but its feels solo springy in wreckfest =(


  • Hi Robin,

    I found Wreckfest to be almost unplayable with a wheel, sad really given how fun the game is with a controller. No settings could fix it for me (playing on Xbox btw), it seems to be the FFB system in the game itself.

    I recall Googling it a bit, and reviewers had come to a similar conclusion, and that Wreckfest is best played on a controller.

    Sorry it doesn't help, but might save you any more time trying!



  • Thanks ! I did manage to get kinda decent setting I guess. Not great but still a kinda fun game when you wanna laugh ^^

  • I play wreckfest on my PC with m'y CSL dd +WRC wheel and with my Forza settings it World fine and fun, i juste had to lower the ffb in the game cause it was really High.

    In fanalab:

    Sen 540, FFB 100, FFS Peak, NDP 30, NFR 0, NIN 0, INT 6, FEI 100, FDR 100, SPR 100, DPR 100, BLI OFF

  • Thank you. These settings worked great for me on my CSL DD 5Nm with McLaren v2 wheel. Like you said, I turned down the in-game FFB to about 70.

    I also made the slight adjustments of setting INT to 2, and FEI to 80. Other than that, everything feels great! 👍

  • hi, try this with a CSL DD! Its fine for me with fanatec clubsport steering wheel hub xbox one...

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