Grid Legends

Has anyone managed to get the CSL DD to work with Grid Legends on Series X? It won't let me set it as the primary input. 🤷‍♂️


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    I tried with my GT DD Pro both usual ps4/ps5 and the ps4/ps5 compatibility mode, but it doesn't get recognized.

    Would also like to find out if there is any solution

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    I played it on m'y Xbox one fat and m'y PC with m'y CSL dd + WRC wheel ans it World fine, even with m'y diy H shifter.

    On Xbox i had to go to config with the controller first to calibrate and then assing inputs an make it the primary input

  • I take the auto setting with DD1 PS4 on PS4 and it works perfect

  • I had to map manually and then restart the game having turned on the csl dd. The buttons abxy still not working. But the wheel it’s now the primary controller

  • yes you have to set everything manually in the settings menu and then it works too bad that both on formula v2 and podium button module it is not possible to configure all the loot with the game commands. i have csl dd… a question what settings have you put on the steering wheel? I find force feedback really hard

  • Wierd. A,B,Y and X work on mine but they register as input 1-4 when binding. How do you launch a racing game without wheel presets? Even Codies F1 games have some...although still, no actual DD preset on Xbox.

  • hello,

    I have a very strange issue with my fanatec GT DD Pro, on GRID the legend, on PC. I can not choose the good wheel in the set up, so I choose the first preset. After only 5 min of game, the wheel stopped, nothing to do, all the buttons do not respond.

    In the set up of the driver fanatec, before gaming, the wheel is reconized. But after gaming, only the direct drive is reconized.

    I do not understand what happened.

    Do you have some ideas ?

    Thank's a lot

  • hello someone has solved the various problems? can someone put his settings csl dd pro .. thanks

  • Here is my settings. I hope it helps.

    Fanatec DD PRO

    SEN 540

    FFB 100


    NDP 30



    INT 10

    FEI 100

    FOR 100

    SPR 100

    BLI OFf

    BRF 80

  • Hi all, i've issue with Grid Legend on PC Steam and my Fanatec Shifter, when i play i lose calibration and can not use shifter in game, PC dirver 447 firmware 1.12 , any idea to fix ? many fx

    vidéo here :

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