Clubsport Shifter SQ 1.5 flashes in and out of 4th and 5th gear when driving

During gameplay of AMS2 and Raceroom in manual transmission mode with no clutch input, 4th and 5th gear will randomly flash in and out when the shifter is engaged in either of the two gears. Generally for a 1/4 of second but enough for the revs to shoot up in game. I have updated the drivers twice on my CSL DD wheelbase and I have recalibrated the shifter 4x. Same issue continues to happen.

Any suggestions for a fix? I just started using the shifter since my CSL DD base arrived a week ago. Very frustrating for the amount of money I spent on this whole new setup.


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    That guy is on the right track but that won't stop the issue from reoccurring. If you look at that video you can see the alloy casting that gear shaft passes through. That casting is poorly finished and often has loose splinters of cast alloy around the hole the shaft passes through. Minute specs of metal splinters from this rough casting can land on the uncovered boards and this is what causes the issues. He cleans them off but does nothing to stop he issue from happening again. To ensure that the Boards remain clean and protected I finished the job by coating the boards with silicone conformal coating.

    I used this stuff -

  • I just sent in a ticket for the same thing on GT DD Pro. I thought I had it all working good and it started again.

    I can fix the issue 100 percent by plugging the shifter into the USB on my PC instead of the wheel base, but that obviously doesn't help me on PS5.

    Other people say its a grounding issue which I tend to believe due to the USB fixing it for me.

    I'm desperately trying to get it all figured out by GT7 release :(

    I also just want to be using as single USB because it's convenient and supposed to be designed to work that way.

    And yeah. I'm very frustrated too. I've bee trouble shooting a lot lately.

  • There is other guy who went a little further and added some isolation tape on little pcb:

    I followed his steps and now my shifter does not constantly shifting into the gear i chose.

    Also the magnet was not completely pressed in and some hardened glue from magnet was stuck on pcb:

  • I'm having the same issue, fanatec sent me another cable but the issue persists and GT7 is unplayable with it.

    Really disappointed with this, just had my dad and uncle cancel their orders.

  • Hi!

    did you try to use ferrite cores on the cable? and isolating the shifter from the metal rig/mount?.

    I had no issues on my old rig (Playseat Evolution) but the wheelbase is a CSL Elite ps4; on the new one with the DD Pro I got some 'precautions' to be rather safe than sorry and fitted ferrite cores on both shifter rj cable (or usb) and placing nylon washers on both sides of the fixing bolt, one or a couple between the shifter body and the metal support plate and one or two on the bolt going to fit in the shifter body.

    This helps with noises and disturbances, not with mechanical issues of course.

    Have a nice day! Ciao!

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