Podium Module endurance - GT7 R3 button?

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Hey, just curious if anyone has been able to find a r3 button on this button module for gran turismo 7. the module reads as a csl elite wheel, which has the required 11 buttons. the podium endurance has 10, ad as far as I can figure, r3 is the one left out when doing trial and error. Just curious if anyone with the same module has seen r3 mapped to anything else, i haven't been able to stumble up on it myself.


  • According to the Quick Guide there is indeed no R3 button, only L2, R2, L3 but no R3.


  • bummer, had hoped it would be hidden somewhere. r3 has a nitro/overtake function attached to it so it seems that'll be necessary eventually. An alternative solution is to map l3 to that function which is doable in the settings. l3 is currently binded to 'look back', a function thats duplicated by the 'mfd down' assignment to the down move on the left analog stick

  • Sabeen, does GT7 give you any information on the Endurance Module? Want to buy this wheel, but need to know if it even works with the display and all? Not to spend a lot of money and find that it does not work as intended. ;) Thanks in advance.

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    Display works like every other Display on a Fanatec Wheel, shows speed and when you shift the new gear.

    Of course no ITM as that's PC and Fanalab exclusive.

  • Too bad. Like the wheel, but if the display gives no other info on GT 7 as any other wheel, it is too expensive for the standard stuff. Don't own a PC, nor do I want to build one for racing only. Too bad you can't feed info to the endurance module any other way than PC. :(

  • Yeah it’s a bummer. No R3 but 3 options for X. Wish there was a way to use one of the X’s for an R3. I don’t need three X buttons. Do better fanatec

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    Hello Fanatec Team,

    is there any update planned to support the R3 button on the Podium Button Module Endurance? I would assume, it's not a big deal to enhance the wheel firmware accordingly.

    Don't you think PS READY means that at least all PS Buttons should be there?

    Many thanks!



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    PS ready means that it can be used on Playstation when attached to an official Playstation compatible and therefore Playstation licensed Base.

    The wheel itself does not have a Playstation license and therefore can lack features on this console as it's only "ready" and not "compatible / licensed".

    There are no plans atm to change the button mapping. Maybe sometime in the far future, but nothing anytime soon.

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