GT7 Transmission Breakdown. Clutch/Shifter/Etc. Supported

Hello everyone,

I saw some posts about the clutch and manual shifting in GT7, and I had a few questions myself. So I did a bit of testing and thought I'd share a quick breakdown of how it works, and how to get your Fanatec stuff to work.

So a quick rundown of my setup as a disclaimer:

GT DD Pro Base/BMW GT2 V2 Wheel/V3 Pedals/1.5 Shifter/1.5 Handbrake/8Nm boost

439 driver on PC so all firmware is from 439 and as of now up to date

To use Full Manual with Clutch and 1.5 Shifter you need to plug everything into the wheel base accordingly. This seems like a no brainer, however I use USB for my shifter on PC as it has had a lot of RF issues.

You must also turn Manual on in the Assist Menu. Again. Probably obvious.

However you still won't be able to manually shift or use the clutch if the car does not support it.

Example: A car with Normal Transmission that has Paddle Shifter will not be able to use the clutch. Alfa 4C is one of these cars.

Also other cars like the Aqua S cannot use clutch, paddles, or H-Pattern to shift and cannot be upgraded to use a different transmission.

You can however, install various transmissions through the Tuning Parts Menu and in most cases to get what you want.

The Clutch is enabled when you depress the Clutch Pedal in a race. Once you do you MUST USE IT. However, you can DISABLE it by Paddle Shifting.

Up Shifting on all H-Pattern Style Transmissions feels faster if you do use the clutch, but maybe that's all in my head. Downshifting seems the same if you use the clutch or not.

Finally, I strongly recommend you install the best clutch you can if you want to drive with Manual/Clutch. GT7 is a bit stern about your clutching and it gets easier if you upgrade. There are no dead zone settings for the clutch in GT7. Also in my case I have had a lot of RF issues in the past, so anything that can help is a plus

Here is a list of all the transmissions and what is supported for each transmission: 

Normal: Auto/Seq/or Manual

Normal Transmission is dependent on the manufacturer options. Its the transmission that comes with the car.

Some cars are pretty much automatic or like automatic and cannot be upgraded. For our purposes we'll call all of those Automatic.


Clutch: No

Paddle Shift: No

Sequential: No

H-Pattern: No

Normal/Sequential Paddle:

Clutch: No

Paddle Shift: Yes

Sequential: Yes

H-Pattern: Yes


Clutch: Yes Press to engage/Paddle Shift to disengage

Paddle Shift: Yes

Sequential: Yes

H-Pattern Yes

Tuning Part/Close Ratio: Low

Clutch: Yes Press to engage/Paddle Shift to disengage

Paddle Shift: Yes

Sequential: Yes

H-Pattern: Yes

Tuning Part/Close Ratio: High

Clutch: Yes Press to engage/Paddle Shift to disengage

Paddle Shift: Yes

Sequential: Yes

H-Pattern: Yes

Tuning Part/Fully Customizable: Manual

Clutch: Yes Press to engage/Paddle Shift to disengage

Paddle Shift: Yes

Sequential: Yes

H-Pattern: Yes

Tuning Part/Fully Customizable: Racing

Clutch: No

Paddle Shift: Yes

Sequential: Yes

H-Pattern: Yes


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    Hy and thanks for your Breakdown, i can confirm that list.

    I love to drive manually with H pattern so this was a big point for me in GT7.

    When it comes to RF issues / flickering / ending up in neutral while you were not shifting, a few ferrite cores solved all these problems for me.

    i have had mis shifts / jumps to N at least 1-2 times per lap. Since i installed the ferrite cores on the shifter cable i have been driving 3200km in GT7 and not a single problem.

    they are pretty cheat also, so just give it a try. (i use 4 pieces but i have been reading of people who used up to 7 to get rid of the RF issues)

  • Oh my gosh! 7? lol. Well I have 2 on my Shifter and 2 on my pedals. Maybe I'll upgrade to 4 and see.

    Did you add any to your pedals or no?

  • Boris PuhlBoris Puhl Member
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    No i haven´t put any on my pedals as i didn´t have any problems with them so far.

    But i have ~20 ferrite cores left from the set i bought so i might just put some on 😂

  • ok i might add a couple more. I did have 4th read as 2nd twice last night.

  • I have 6 on the shifter now.

    I am getting occasional miss shifts. As in i put it in 4th and it reads 2nd. It is improved and sometimes i just move the cable out further from the rig, but it's really not 100 percent. :(

    Sequential is worked pretty good, but i really like Manual/Clutch. Manual without clutch also miss shifts here and there.

    It's enough to make me a bit scared to do multiplayer, but what doesn't?

  • Getting regular miss shifts now and I have 6 ferrite cores on my shifter. It's really bummin me out.

    You can see at this time stamp: There are a few in that race. :(

    I think I'm going to have to pull it apart and try some of the other online fixes i've seen.

  • This was extremely helpful however I am still unable to use the clutch.

    Currently using the Podium Racing Wheel F1/ CS V3 Pedals/ CS Shifter SQ

    I've read in the manual (attatched)

    for the CS V3 Pedals you can supposedly calibrate the clutch and throttle, but that too I cant seem to do properly. Was there anything else you did when troubleshooting the clutch pedal?

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    I calibrate my pedals on PC usually. It's very easy to do. I am not sure if you can do it on the wheel base. I do know you can get the Brake Force adjusted, but I have never tried to calibrate the pedals themselves on anything other than PC.

    Software looks like this currently i think? It's been a couple of weeks.

    I enable Manual Mode. Calibrate. Then Disable Manual Mode. and set my Brake Force etc.

    I haven't done anything else to get it to work. Hope this helps, but I assume you have already done all of that.

  • ...mine works but without the clutch, I can change the gears without touching the clutch thats not authentic :/ What does I have to do to enable the clutch?

    thanks for helping and have a nice one ;)

  • GT7 Clutch option is to just use it. then its on.

    It turns off if you use the paddle shift though.

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    thats crazy, I think I tried all possibilities but I give it another shot when I come from work later ;) thanks for helping. Maybe you have a good example car, what I can try to see if its working :D

  • Well, any car you install a "Fully Customizable Manual Transmission" from the "Semi Racing" tab in the Tuning shop will work.

    Then you use your H-Pattern Shifter and just use the Clutch when you shift.

    From then on if you do not use the clutch you will fail to shift and you will end up in neutral gear.

    I too would just like the option in the assist menu to just have Manual/Clutch. But they seem to be leaving that up to the type of transmission that the car has installed for the most part.

    You can just think of it as if you are turning on Manual/Clutch when you use the clutch and have an appropriate transmission.

    Note that the above list in the first post outlines which transmission setups allow using the clutch.

    But as a rule, Automatic, Racing Transmission, and Paddle Shifted cars do not allow you to use the clutch. And because if you use a paddle shifter on your wheel it will consider it a paddle shifted car, that will disable it.

    Also. Be sure to set to Manual under Transmission in the Assist settings.

  • really really thanks my friend ;) I will try that out now :D but you said cause I use a wheel with paddles, it will disable the clutch and the h-shifter does that mean that I cant use the clutch by default cause of the paddles?

  • It means. You cannot use the paddles with the clutch. This will make the game assume you want to drive the car is a real paddle shifter car which has no foot clutch.

    You must use an H-Pattern shifter in order to use the clutch. And you must have the appropriate transmission like we talked about above.

    Using the foot clutch on H Pattern shifter enables Manual with Clutch.

    Using Paddle shifters disables the clutch. Or in other terms. Sets your mode to Paddle Shifting.

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