BMW GT2 Funky Switch doesnt work with GT7 MFD in game

Hi Guys,

Exactly what the title says, the funky switch works no problem in menus using it for up down left and right but when in game you cant use it for switching from TCS, brake balance, fuel map etc.

What it does do is you can look back, left and right which is what I want the Analogue joystick to do on the left but that does absolutley nothing. However that joystick works no probs in the menus.

In GT Sport however it all works as it should! Funky Switch works with the MFD and the Analogue joystick you can look all around perfectly.

Im using DD GT Pro and it has the latest FW so im not sure what the issue could be as GT Sport works and GT7 it doesnt.

Any help would be appreciated and hoping someone else has the same issue.


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