V3 Pedals making weird noise/unable to switch pedal plates


I have received last week my v3 pedals and performance wise, I am happy, but it is really annoying that they make the following loud noise, which I think comes from metal plate, but I’m not 100% sure. See attached

Also why is it impossible to losen the second bolt (the lower one) within the pedal plate to actually adjust it? There is no problem on others and it’s just frustrating. I wouldn’t really want to use some machine to force it out and possibly damaging the bolt or pedal.

Any idea or do I need to send them back?!


  • spray some mo-94 or wd-40 and let it soak in for awhile before trying to undo?

  • Will try that for the screw in the pedal plate. Any idea otherwise why this pedal set makes such noise?

  • use some ptfe spray on the moving parts.

  • Hey Andrei,

    I've had these pedals for a couple of years now, I'll try to explain my experience and some tips as I can't stand any noise from them either!

    My pedals also came with a few creaks and clicks, much like in your video, the first thing worth noting is the creaks rarely came from where you think they do. For instance if a pivot pin in the pedals is poorly greased it can create creaking that sounds like it's from the pedal plate. You just need to methodically go over the pedals and check all nuts/bolts and pivot points.

    My major finds, which are all now fixed, but it took probably 6 months of use before I got these all dealt with:

    The heel plate only rests on the side rails at the corners of the pedal assembly, it only takes the tiniest warp in the heel plate to make it click/tap when pressing a pedal. Jam some cardboard or thin rubber under each corner of the heel plate between it and the side rails, the click will go.

    Under the pedals is the plate/cover for the PCB, again it's only mounted on one side, mine doesn't click from there but I imagine through tolerances in manufacturing it could be a source of noise too, especially if you've got tactile/vibration on your sim rig.

    The smaller pivots on each pedal (ie not the big brass coloured bushings on the bottom of each pedal) were inadequately greased, or through 6 months of use just dried up. To fix this it took dismantling the pedals a bit, but if you're confident wielding some tools, and not worried about blowing your warranty too early, some high pressure lithium grease in all those pivots changes the pedals dramatically. This silenced my pedals and I haven't heard single noise from them in a year.

    I wouldn't recommend spraying any thin grease/wd40 on these things, the pressures in the pivots are high, and I think the stuff will not get in far enough, and even then will come back out quickly leaving the pedals poorly lubricated, or you'll be reapplying regularly to account for this.

    And re taking the pedal plates off, I'm pretty sure there's a nut on the backside of the bolts, you'd be better loosening those rather than attempting to loosen from the front using the Allen key bolt. You're fighting a lot of friction trying to use the Allen key due to the tapered hole they sit in on the pedal plate. A socket set will be needed, or maybe a ring spanner if you can fit it.

    Good luck!

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