FH5 February 1st Update shows no Fanatec updates :(

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If anyone finds a way to get new Drivers working with this in the new patch please post!

I am currently just going to leave my drivers as they are until i hear otherwise. Unless this patch messes that up.



  • FH5 is such a ****show.

    On the Jan 11th update news post, they clearly mentioned tackling Fanatec wheel crashes. Then, a month later, patch releases and nothing on Fanatec crashes.

    However, in the meantime they've managed to spend valuable dev resources nerfing wheelspins and credit rewards... **** PG games.

  • The game after 3 months of use with the Fanatec CSLDD and still crashing.

    There are many bugs and bad optimization 😕

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    Im fine with them nerfing wheel spins and other exploits etc. I have more than enough money and cars in this game. It's really too ez to get. It's just irritating that all of those things are identical to the FH4 ones so they probably knew they'd have to do it.

    And I know they are going to address more accessible wheels first, but I am getting sad. At least it's on the list, but GT7 will probably be here before they get to it.

    I will say this though about the update:

    TURN YOUR VIBRATE ON if you had it off.

    It's not vibrate, it's rumble or something similar. It's attached to a lot of input. Sadly you can't seperate them, but here's what I've notices so far:

    1. It gives feedback when you should shift. I'd prefer it if it were a quick twitch when you shift instead, but it's interesting. It starts exactly when your shift lights blink btw so it's not useless for users that don't have shift lights.
    2. Feedback when your wheels slide sideways, very nice for drifting.
    3. Feedback when you lock up your brakes and E Brake. Not sure on ABS as i run ABS off.

    Its a bit crazy if you turn vibrate up too high, but I do like it on the default setting overall.

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    I seem to have stopped the crashes by deleting Fanalab. I had been runningh 347 drivers, and decided to try the new ones again so playing my sims was easier. Pretty much crashed immediately. I was incredibly annoyed, but really didn't want to go back to the old drivers. I remember when I was under the old drivers, nothing was detected under fanalab, so I had the idea to just delete it. You can still make tuning adjustments in the base software and from the wheel, and I don't mess with the LEDs.

    Tried it again, and bam, it worked. No crashes yet (not saying it's entirely fixed without more play though). The crashes somehow seem to be related to some sort of game interaction with fanalab.

    edit: Well, still seems better, but still crashed on cutscene leaving rivals. So not solved. May be going back to 347 anyways.

  • Update in the edit of my comment. Didn't crash while driving yet, but did on cutscene leaving rivals. Seemed better, but may be placebo. either way, couldn't play for long, so it's still a problem.

  • Yeah, if it's crashing there it'll crash in any higher load capacity in game. It can eve occur while loading the world after you drive far enough. :(

  • I'm beyond annoyed over the lack of a fix for this issue. I have an absolutely wonderful Fanatec CSL-DD setup, but I cannot use it with FH5. The game just constantly locks up. Be nice if Fanatec could convince Playground Games to push out a fix or better yet add native support for the CSL-DD.

  • Yes, absolutely bad support from Playground Games.😭

  • It will be interesting to see how and when this is resolved.

    While FH5 may not be the ultimate SIM, it has sold a ton of units and has major racing wheel upgrades. To be honest. The only major upgrade between FH4 and FH5 is the Wheel support. The rest of it is just like every Forza game that came up before basically.

    But with this many units sold, I would think Fanatec would really want to get in to the mainstream of support for the game.

    Playground will most likely have most of the major issues patched soon in time for the DLC releases, but lets hope they include Fanatec in that.

    But what's really boggling my brain is WHY DOES 346 WORK and all the modern drivers don't?

    Either way I hope they are in contact, and trying to solve this.

    I'll be playing GT7 soon, but I'm going to want to return for DLC and Sunday Driving.

  • Another FH5 patch today - they still show the Fanatec issue as unresolved, but has anyone had any luck?

  • :( Nope. I don't even see an update yet for PC anyways.

  • March 31, FH5 series 6.

    • PC: 3.444.438.0
    • Steam: 1.444.438.0

    it still crashes

  • It might help to discuss this on the Steam forums.

    Some game developers actually seem to be active there, but the posts about the Fanatec issue quickly sink to the bottom.

    Maybe, if they see that there are more people wanting a fix, they'll accelerate the process.

  • Honestly, On these forums most non purist games are ignored too. You'll often find people asking why you aren't just playing ACC/iRacing etc. There isn't even a Fanatec Recommended Settings for FH5 in this forum. To be fair the only driver that works for most people is the 346, but then you find videos and people like this running Fanatec on FH5: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gl7VlO5XpD0

    A pinned work around post might be nice?

    But Fanatec should see the mass user base of this game and be reaching out directly to Playground Games and working this out. It's their product the could benefit from an extended user base. After all, they did make this with Turn 10 at one point: https://fanatec.com/us-en/steering-wheels/clubsport-steering-wheel-gt-forza-motorsport-v2-for-xbox

    And it would be especially appreciated of they would then reach back to us and give us some updates.

  • Steam has game specific forums, and I noticed multiple threads regarding the Fanatec issues in the FH5 forum.

    Going by posts in another thread in this forum it seems that Fanatec actually have reached out to PG multiple times. Look around for posts from Marcel here, if you want to read up on this for yourself.

    The way I see it, it's on PG to fix this and be more responsive regarding the issue. Other than having listed the problem under their known issues section I don't think there was any communication from them. And seeing how FH5 keeps crashing it makes sense to not have any recommended settings in the Fanatec forum (pretty sure a lot of people would even complain if they officially got posted here, since the game isn't really playable more than 15 minutes).

    Ironically FH5 is what got me into using a wheel (around 50 hours with a Thrustmaster T248 before I switched to Fanatec). Now I have multiple simulations and racing games on PC and PS5 - that btw all work without any issues with my Fanatec equipment :)

  • I was thinking about what you said, and while it is up to PG to get the hardware supported they don't have the same investment as Fanatec in it. So it just makes me sad.

    Also. I run FH5 just fine on PC and the wheel feels great, but it is with the 346 driver. Which I can see people not wanting to run. But I am playing FH5 and GT7 currently so the work around if you're interested is to install the latest driver with firmware. That works for GT7 cuz it's all firmware for console. Then remove new driver on PC and run 346 driver there. It will remember all your settings from the new driver. It sux, but it works. As soon as you have other games on PC though you'll get sad also.

    Finally. Why does 346 even work on FH5? I mean... Why? What's different that doesn't crash the game?

  • Thanks for pointing out 346, I've been aware of that workaround but aside from Gran Turismo 7 I play everything else on PC, so I wouldn't want to use an older driver for the reason you mentioned.

    I find the whole FH5 situation as bizarre as you and would like a fix, which PG hopefully will have with the next update. Since I don't understand how drivers work I can't even begin to guess why 346 works, but FH5 being the only game that exhibits this form of crashing makes me thing something in the game code needs adjusting.

    I mentioned this elsewhere, but I had the same crashes in FH4 on Steam. Fortunately Steam refunded me and I was able to buy it on Game Pass where it runs without issues (not the case for FH5).

  • I'll have to give FH4 a try with the 439 driver. I've only played it with my Logitech, but it was after they improved the wheel handling. And it was nice.

  • Both FH4 and Forza Motorsport 7 work well for me in their respective Windows versions. Just not entirely convinced of the FFB in Forza 7. The recommended settings are for older drivers.

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