Will Fanatec ship as "replacement parts" or "parts for repair" if I break something?

Broke my Gran Turismo DD Pro Wheel Base and 8 nM booster 24 hours after receiving.

Will Fanatec ship as "replacement parts" or "parts for repair" if I buy the parts again? How can I arrange that?!


  • I'm guessing you dropped it on the power cord? Have you opened the wheel and evaluated the extent of the damage? I would expect there is more damage than that immediately visible. Have you already evaluated and know the parts that would be required to repair? Do you have the knowledge and equipment required to repair and test? If any of these are a no then contact support using the links from your Fanatec account and arrange a RMA for repair.

  • Hmm. Well it was initially working with 5 nM power supply and now not working at all. I'm a little bit handy but assumption is that the circuit board is toast. The boost kit looks repairable as well.

    In the end you wonder how much it will cost to ship both way plus the repair cost...

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    Contact fanatec by opening a support ticket from your account on the website.

    They will guide you on what to do or what is needed.

  • ouch

  • To answer your question. I have not read anywhere whereby Fanatec has shipped out components for you to repair. I suspect they will do the repair and charge you for it. I could be wrong.

  • Depending on the work needed to be done they ship....

  • That is good to know actually

  • Paul VPaul V Member

    So it has been almost 2 months. I did get an email to say they have received my email. radio silence since. I have to tried to email them a few times no and no reply.

    I got tired of waiting so I ended up buying a new base and boost kit. Hopefully I hear back soon. I guess I can sell the base and boost kit if they fix it. If it can't be fixed the delay is a huge issue for me because VISA would cover the whole thing through accidental damage protection but I think it has to be within 90 days of purchase. Time is running out!

  • I'd say you go ahead and use the VISA purchase protection. Fanatec has been notoriously slow when responding to support tickets and RMAs.

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