Clubsport V3 Pedals connected with USB to PS4

has anyone tried this and got it to work?

I am hoping that connecting the Pedals with USB instead of though the wheel base will fix the brake flicker issues we are seeing.


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    Not working.

    You need to run the pedals to a RJ12 Port of a Fanatec Base.

    And no, the flickering is a firmware issue and is the same no matter how the pedals would be connected.

  • Hi Maurice,

    first of all thanks for your support and patience.

    About your statement...I'm planning to set up the GT DD Pro (is sitting there in the box since delivery in february) and a brand new CSP V3 (out of the box this too), I have a laptop already set up with the latest package; everything will be connected to a PS5 (at the moment there is a perfectly working CSL ELite+CSL LC pedals+Shifter SQ+V2.5X formula wheel). Previously used with a PS4 PRo, moved to PS5 with no issues, on GTSPort and ACC , before next gen update and after.

    Which firmware I should transfer to the base GTDD Pro and which one to the pedals, you're stating "flickering is a firmware issue". So what I should do?.

    I mean, once I connect and verify the actual hardware firmware, should I avoid updating the V3 pedals alone?.

    Thanks a lot and best regards,


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