Price increases coming next week

This time I have to blog about something rather unfortunate.

Increased costs is the reality of manufacturing electromechanical products in the current global climate. We’ve been absorbing and managing this for more than a year, in the hope that the situation would improve, but it is now time to make some adjustments. 

Shipping costs increased not just by a few percent but are now multiples of what we had before and don't get me started about stupid prices for chips as the shortage continues until 2023.

Starting March 17th 2022, several products across our CSL, ClubSport, and Podium lines will increase in price. However, it’s not a blanket increase across all products, and I’m happy to say that we’ve been able to keep many products the same, including retaining the basic pricing for the core component in our ecosystem: the Wheel Bases. Following a reassessment of our price structure, we have also been able to lower the price of a small number of products due to a good currency exchange rate (the price decreases have already been applied today). 

We wanted to give you a heads-up before we apply the price increases next week. We are keeping the changes to a minimum, and will continue to work hard to offer great value, innovation, and performance across the entire Fanatec product range.

So in short: If you plan to purchase something from us in the near future then this weekend would be the right time to do it. 😉



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    Well that’s something that won’t affect me, due to the totally inadequate service last year, and poor service and communication my fanatic equipment has been relegated to my second rig, and I went with another supplier for my main rig, also the fact you have a habit of discontinue lines with no advanced information, like the csl pedals with load cells, for those, crappy looking csl cheaply constructed ones, just after getting the old ones.

    but thanks for the heads up.

  • Thank you for the information.

    For me the key question here is whether you continue to produce in China.

    If so, it's over for me anyway and I won't be buying any more Fanatec products. A European production location would possibly reduce shipping costs and increase quality.

    Irrespective of this, an improvement in the software, drivers, firmware would be more important so that the hardware also lives up to its price increase.

  • I believe I read somewhere that Fanatec were planning to shift some production to Europe. Would be interesting to have that confirmed. That will definitely reduce shipping costs and issues and counterintuitively probably reduce manufacturing costs - but will not necessarily increase quality.

  • Im glad you asked,

    lol so your going to charge more for these items but, after having a very positive interaction at first, i find the fanatic policies not to my liking, the fact you are the only company in the world i deal with that you can’t change an order before dispatch, every other company in the world i deal with, don’t have a problem as long as the items have not been dispatched, and one thing that really gets my goat is the payment system, and the fact that you lose money and your first come first served place due to the whole rubbish sales team and system of currency exchange , this i can only attribute to a system set up to avoid tax, i will never understand this, and the fact that for every failure fanatic blame the pandemic for lack of stock late deliveries, computer issues, and in my experience 3 emails telling me my items had been dispatched, when in reality nothing had been and when questioned blame it on the computer system, well computers don’t make mistakes, people make mistakes, if you look in the forum many people say the same.

    so in summary, while in the first instance my experience was a positive one, after that is went down hill very fast, and im very disappointed in the company and its behaviour, and each time there is an issue created by fanatic, for what ever reason fanatic are like "what ever , if you don’t like it shop elsewhere." well fanatic is no longer the only manufacture of sim equipment assessable, the others are a little more expensive, but for the better service and better company practise its worth it.

  • Oh one last thing, I also find it insulting that you think your customer base is that stupid to fall for the “out of the goodness of our harts we are letting you know we are trying to save you money by letting you know early of a price hike” so I’m guessing you have not met you monthly KPI….

  • And yet if next week the prices go up and Fanatec had never said anything, people would be crying that they weren't given any warning, how dare they, etc.

    What would you have them do?

  • In near future almost every prices go up because of Vladimir Puta.

  • @Gregg Domain lol did fanatic tell everyone the week they discontinued the cls range, and any add-ons for it like the load cell to name just one...No fanatic do nothing with the best interests of their customers, i sat here and tried to find one thing in the last 2 years that fanatic did for there customers that was in the best interest of any one except

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    All I can add here is that I'm satisfied with the customer service and with the products as well.

    Whenever there was problem it had been solved as fast as possible.

    My experience with the hotline and the chat is great so far. And to be informed about a price increase is more than fair. And if it leads to a revenue increase, why not?

    Thomas mentioned:

    'So in short: If you plan to purchase something from us in the near future then this weekend would be the right time to do it.'

    I'm going to place my next order in April. Meanwhile I wait for the delivery of my pre-order.



  • LOL!! How about you try and spell their name correctly. It’s FANATEC not fanatic. Fanatic is a sports apparel brand.

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    First time buying from fanatec. Love the DD real nice but can't update the firmware at all, got the boost kit and can't use it either smh support trying to help but feels like I'm gonna be stuck with this heavy brick unable to use it properly smh I wanted to buy another wheel before the price hike but honestly at this point would be stupid if I can't use this properly

  • i was spelling it correctly they are fanatic's lol

  • Greengrocer's apostrophe. The spelling police will pick that up too.

  • lmfao

  • Would like to know the new price of the Shifter.. might consider buying it now, or absorbing the impact later, depending on the price..

  • Well, you obviously need to wait until tomorrow for the new price (if its changing).

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    And then find out if you are too late...

    or too early.. 😅

  • Has anything changed pricing-wise? It's 17.03 and I can't seem to notice any price increases...

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    So far these are the ones that have been bumped in price (sometime after 3PM CET, was not so in the morning):

    • Clubsport RS + ~50EUR
    • BMW GT2 v2 + ~50EUR
    • Formula v2.5 + ~40EUR

    update: my bad, typo in RS 80 -> 50 EUR

  • The V3 Pedals have also increased in price, + € 40,- to € 399,-

    Price dropped on the V3 Brake Performance Kit from € 29,95 to € 19,95. Static shifter dropped from € 99,- to € 59,-

  • If those are the only products that increased in price, this announcement is quite dishonest/manipulative. Driving people to make immediate purchases when in reality almost nothing actually increased. They could've announced the three products ahead of time if they were actually trying to be helpful.

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    there is more that changed over the rest of yesterday.

  • My BMW GT2 V2 It gets harder and harder to buy. My wife and daughter will never accept such a high expense! They will want to buy a lot of clothes :P

  • Hello

    This has come as bad timing for me :( I have my basket saved with the pricing I had before todays increase of 1275 euro without my basket loaded this is now 1479 euro

    I can check out right now at 1275

  • Well I am silly :D

    I dont know why my basket was showing much more expensive until I logged in?

  • hate to say it but nothing to do with brexit, more to do with greedy corparations, and don't give me it's the pandemic lol

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    The prices in the webshop are shown with VAT when you are not logged in.

    Because of Brexit UK customers however dont pay VAT in advance anymore but afterwards to the shipping carrier, therefore the price gets shown differently with a much lower value as soon as a UK customer has logged in.

    Its all because of Brexit

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