Fix/mod! CSL Load-Cell pedal



  • a few weeks ago i had the same idea and tested the softest barrel bushings on the market by riptide. they are just as stiff as the original fanatec elastomers. so i decided on a different solution (see above).

  • How are these working for you? Did they deform since installed? Would you recommend the product to someone who wants more pedal travel?

  • Hi David, how did the mod work out for you? I'm debating between the mod you ordered or the 3DRap elastomer mod, link here:

    Any reviews on either are greatly appreciated!

  • I ordered the hybrid kit from 3drap. Fitted it today and really impressed. Much better pedal travel that gets progressively firmer.

  • Anyone else? I’m seriously considering this as well.

  • 3DRap customer support told me their elastomers will settle after 2 hours of running in, and thereafter will last for at least 2-3 years. That gave me enough confidence to give them a try. Ordered one linear mod and it was processed the same day. Will post an update in this thread after some use. Using a Playseat Challenge btw

  • In layman’s terms. Can someone explain the difference in options? Not sure which kit to get.

  • I find it absolutely appalling that people have to immediately modify a $140+ brake pedal because it was designed poorly. Why aren’t people sending this back with a complaint instead so Fanatec fixes their design?

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    I got the 3DRap elastomers. I have super massive ocd so I bought one full linear and one full progressive so that I am able to try all 5 combos. For me I liked hybrid and full linear the most. I was fuming last week trying to solve this issue but now that it's pretty much solved, I miss the old stiff ones. As I wrote in another post, not sure if it's because I got used to the original stiff ones or what but i found that you can break exactly the same everytime by remembering the applied pressure not worrying about how far the pedal travels. With that said you absolutely need to have SOME pedal travel. Since my cockpit is totally rigid i found that the original ones actually do have some travel and if u lower your break sensitivity from the advanced wheel menu, you can make it so that you dont need to press hard on it at all (30% is a good number).

    But yeah I think it comes down to preference. Even the 3DRap....while it's a good solution theres 5 options. One of those 5 options (full progressive) ends up being more stiff than the original pedal. I just think Fanatec could have provided this option as an add-on even, since so many people are complaining about it. I don't get it.....I really don't know what the downside for them is.

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    The downside for them is cost. It’s already an expensive pedal in a lower end package. People have price in mind when they purchase this set up and any appreciable amount of increase could hurt sales. However, the percentage of bad reviews vs. good ones is what is keeping me from making the purchase. I’m not too price sensitive but I also don’t waste money. I want a good product so I’m not throwing away $1 let along $100+ on something and if everyone has problems then its not worth even trying.

    What I don’t get is why they don’t just decrease the elasticity of the of their design. Everyone has complaints about this but the reviewers they send the pedals free to. I’d bet a dime to a dollar someone physically checks each pedal before they are sent to reviewers to make sure those individuals get a “good” pedal to test.

  • No what I asked was what is the downside if they were to provide these elastomers in their website to purchase as an add-on. I don't mean they should give them out with the pedals, I understand that would increase the pedal cost.

    To be honest with you, I've been studying this issue closely for a while now and from my experience and everything I've seen so far, I don't think there's an issue at all. I think how the pedals feel is a veeeery subjective thing from person to person. Fanatec offered different elastomers for the load cell with their premium pedals the clubsport v3 but the options were actually 60kg and 90kg. With the GT DD Pro or the CSL DD, they only offer 1 option and that is the 60kg option. Which means they offered the SOFTER option only. I started asking around and talked to a couple of people in the community and the consensus i got was that people who are serious about sim racing (the DD1 and DD2 crowd) absolutely love stiff pedals. They told me that 60kg isnt stiff enough for them and that they opted for the 90kg option with the clubsport load cell.

    I also stated in my previous post that I believe I effectively solved the issue with those yellow aftermarket elastomers. Theyre a very cheap and high quality solution to get rid of the stiff pedal issue. But now that I have been using them for a few weeks, I think I'm gonna go back to the original 60kg elastomers that originally came with the CSL Load Cell pedal. Honestly it just felt better and had more weight when i hit the brake. The only issue i would say is it's definitely not recommended for those who dont have an actual rig to stop and obsorb any other motion. I just finished building a heavy rig and realized it actually makes a loooot of difference. At first i was only using a wheel stand which was the front half of my rig which arrived first before the seat part. So i was using the wheel stand and a computer chair which honestly worked. But now that the chair postion arrived and it is bolted into the wheel stand, the rig is very rigid. This allows me to get some good travel with less effort.

    But in terms of the entire product.....I can only speak from my experience, but I think it is absolutely fantastic. The wheel, the direct drive base, the build quality of the pedals and software and settings as well as the total experience has completely exceeded my expectations. Especially as you said, with this entry level price point. And I commend Fanatec for putting this product out there otherwise I wouldn't have been able to afford and enjoy a direct drive experience. Playing Gran Turismo 7 especially with the direct drive wheel has been unbelievably enjoyable and I hope not too many people are discouraged from giving it a shot. But like I said, this little rubber thing could have just been sold on their website for a few bucks as an add-on and give people who don't like the stiff pedal some customizability. Aside from that, I really dont have any real complaints with the whole bundle.

  • Well, I got the pedal against better judgement but with all the help on here I got a couple bushings from a skateboard shop in case it was too stiff for me.

    Took about 30 minutes to realize why everyone is complaining. Replaced one of the black fanatec rings with a skateboard bushing and it’s much better

    Fanatec needs to rethink their design or at least care to respond to people’s complaints. Clearly the free pedals sent to reviewers are checked over extra to make sure the pedal travel is proper.

  • Another option for US residents is McMaster-Carr. You can buy bushings for pennies at various shore ratings.

  • I set mine at 0% and had no travel whatsoever on the pedal. Your video is not the norm of all the forums on this topic.

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    If you want a softer pedal feel, try looking for rubber shock absorber bushings like NAPA 650-1112 or Dorman 31012. I tried the NAPA ones. They are just a tad shorter than original V2 elastomers, so you might need to use some washers or switch to the stiffer spring. They squish a lot more than the 65's. I just switched from very light, cheap pedals and need to gradually work my way up. I'm currently using 5% strength. lol

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