Zero help from Customer Service


I emailed support for multiple issues with my DD Pro Grant Turismo 7 kit. All I got was a response to call long distance to germany for customer support? I took the time to take photos, video of my 1 month old setup and there is no way Im paying long distance from Canada to Germany for warranty support? What kind of crappy company is Fanatec?


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    Welcome to the club of faulty DD Pro owners. I really wish you good luck with your case. Surely Fanatec will send you shipping labels though right?

    That will be the least of your problems though as you wait for a reply from support, took them 16 days to respond to me and 18 days to receive my return shipping labels. This seems to be the norm these days. Keep us posted on your case. We need to let this experience and information flow so that fanatec gets moving to solving it urgently and also that prospective customers are informed about their risks.

  • Thanks for the input, heard such great things about Fanatec. So far all I have is a very expensive paperweight, I don't think I've ever experienced such poor communication and support.

  • Took 13 days to get a response and 18 days to get a shipping label. I called my CC company and disputed the charges. Thank god because I would have had to pay for this paperweight by now if I hadent done that. if you live in the US it should not have to ship back to germany.

    I dont expect to get a full refund for like 2 more weeks given my experience but at this point its out of my hands. Good luck homie hope it gets better!

  • Same here, I've been waiting for a response for almost two weeks and counting... I thought the rumors of lousy customer service were exaggerated. And it's just the opposite...

  • Fanatec sells great paperweights!

  • It tooks me 22 days i think for a respond. Shipped the wheel now finally, the wheel failed 4 weeks ago. Spended almost €1000 for a wheel thats worked 3 weeks. And now i cant play 4 weeks already, and i think it will take them a couple months to give me a solution. Im giving up.. insane the communication, or better not communication. Never experienced something like this.

  • How can the wait times for help be 10, 12, 16 days. What is going on, this makes no sense. The company has the ability to design, implement, and secure manufacturing to become leader in the industry, not an easy feat. You would think this would be easy to solve, hire agents and have them work in shifts that cover 10 to 12 hours a day at least 6 days a week. They seem to have people work part time or as a collateral duty working these issues. At this point we can just assume that its not a priorty to resolve and hence they really dont want to solve the problem.

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