not getting enough speed in Iracing

I am not sure if this is a Fanatec problem or an Iracing problem.

I have the CSL Pedals with a brake performance kit. It seam in I racing any car that I run is 3 to 4 mph slower than any other car on the track. This happens in road or oval courses. I have calibrated the pedals several times in both Iracing and in the fanlab. I am also running the latest drivers.

I am hoping someone else has had this problem and was able to fix it.


  • Are you sure it's not a car setup issue (aero possibly?)

  • The cars are on fixed setup, I dont know that much about setups so I leave them alone.

  • That is the question. The other players change car setups for faster speed.

    The game's AI also has aerodynamic advantages. The human player has to set cars, to have the same speed as the AI.

  • It sounds like you are at lest fairly consistent and finish races, even if you’re slow. That’s a good start. You can build gradually from there.

    I recommend slowing down even more (or so it will seem). Most common rookie mistake is to overdrive, brake too late, slide too much and miss the apex of corners.

    Instead, try to brake earlier but smoother, to keep the car balanced and carry more speed through the corners. Focus on hitting the apex, nail the racing line every corner every lap. Make sure you use all the track available. Speed will follow.

    Watch tutorials, track guides and stuff like that. Focus on the racing line and how much they can cut the track and use the curbs.

    Also, if you’re in the MX-5, use the auto-blip driving aid (to simplify shifting). Don’t use the driving line or auto shift aids; they will slow down your learning process.

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