AC and ACC doesn't recognize clutch nor shifter on console

Can anyone please assist?

I have all the latest drivers installed

Using DD Pro with V2.5x wheel, SQ shifter and V3 pedals on xbox series x. I have absolutely no issue playing any other game (Forza Horizon 4 and 5, Forza Motorsport, Project Cars 2 and 3, Grid, WRC get the idea).

Neither AC nor ACC will recognize my clutch pedal and I have the options setup to use H pattern shifter and manual gear box with manual clutch on ACC.


  • Question the DD pro is the PlayStation version of the Direct drive ? The CSL DD is the Xbox version for for use on the Xbox series x i thought the CSL DD PRO is for the PlayStation version, if im correct you would need the hub to use the DD pro on the Xbox x.

  • Every Base works on Xbox when used with an Xbox compatible Steering Wheel. OP has the Formula v2.5X, which is Xbox compatible.

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    As mentioned this is not a compatibility with xbox problem. This is game specific; drive hub is not necessary with the Fanatec's the entire reason I bought into the ecosystem ( I play on both series x and ps5).

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  • nobody has this problem? Or knows a solution?

  • tried to tell you but you know better :) good luck.

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    You didn't tell me anything.... the setup is xbox compatible per Fanatec website that you're on

    I use this setup with every other game on xbox without a problem...the issue is just specific to two games and only in H pattern. It works in sequential.

    PS bases with Xbox wheels equals xbox and PS compatibility since compatibility for PS comes from the WHEELBASE and compatibility for xbox comes from the WHEEL.

    You simply don't know what you're talking about nor have any helpful information on my issue. You're just being a troll at this point

  • I’m not trying to be an ass, im trying to tell you the base’s for the DD are slightly different, the picture you have posted and information are from the old wheel bases, there are issue with the cls DD range and fanatec know about it, why do you think so many of us pro racers have ditched Fanatec for simucube and vrs, and you also hit the nail on the head, the word compatibility, if there’s no difference between the base’s why would they say compatibility and why would they be different, there are software issues with compatibility, i was trying to help but you had to pull the “you don’t know what your talking about line” so i said good luck with that also why do you think no one else has replied.

    and its not the game software, i love it when people have new equipment and blame the game…. The cls DD and the cls DDpro were rushed out that is why there’s so many people complaining at the moment, also why fanatec customer service are over run and shut down the help line.

    but I digress having worked for Microsoft and Sony i know nothing, so that’s why i said good luck, i was trying to help but I don’t like being talked down to so help your self :)

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    good have no idea what you're talking about. I'm not sure what you're even doing on these forums.

    The difference between the bases are the chip to communicate with the playstation's literally written in the documentation about the products. The CSL DD lacks the licensing and thus the chip to do so....the GT DD Pro was an endeavor with Sony to implement that functionality and chip. Of course there are differences in the bases.....Fanatec tells you that themselves. You're acting like you're uncovering something....the info is on the website here. Stop don't have any insider information and it's lame to insinuate you do. You over here telling me about your job like I care. I'm an automotive know how many car guy hobbyists/enthusiasts sit around and act like they have inside info on stuff and have no idea what they're talking about? You simply don't know anything about this and for whatever reason you're too prideful to acknowledge that and shut up.

    My product works fine with every other xbox title....and it works with ACC/AC aside from this idiosyncrasy. I own a drive hub and co pilot....nothing you're bringing here is helpful.

    I know guys like pollute information with bad information. It's better when guys like you just don't speak...

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    For anyone doing their research

    This problem also exists on PLAYSTATION 5 and the GT DD PRO with ACC and AC. It is MOST DEFINITELY not related to using a DD Pro on an x box; since the problem exists OUTSIDE USING AN XBOX

    Parts used:

    GT DD Pro

    V3 Pedals


    SQ Shifter (latest)

    Formula V2.5x

    GT DD Pro OEM Wheel

    R320 wheel with XBOX UNIVERSAL HUB V2

    Everything connected directly to wheelbase with updated firmware on everything. Single USB plug into the console.

    Problem exists on BOTH CONSOLES on ONLY those two titles

  • Lmao you need to grow up, you come on the forums and ask for help then, when you don’t like what you hear you make personal attacks you are another one of these i have more money the common sense, lets see how many people come to your aid….fucking idiot, I tried to be nice and you, prove your own point, fanatec have issues with the software and if you took the time to read the forums you would know the H shifter is an issue and so is the other issues you asked about, and automotive engineer, you mean you a spanner jockey, i was a senior manger for Sony repair uk and a Microsoft engineer for over 10 years, and at no point did i pretend i had insider information or tried to be smart, i was trying to help, its people like you that cause issues in the forums well you can go fuck yourself and help yourself because no one is going to help a lame child who makes personal attacks when some one is trying to help,fucking child go play with your spanner’s.

    As to pollute the forums with bad information i made a suggestion, you need to learn to be a grownup, also i bet your American.

  • I'm an automotive engineer that's done design work for the big can keep talking. I'm done listening

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    Yes notice it says ps ready, it doesn’t mean it will totally work some features might not work.

  • He's a clown dude...he can't read. He's going to say Fanatec is wrong. You get it, the other guy got it, I get it; it's just this special case dude lee spinks

  • Quennan DavisQuennan Davis Member
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    literally 3 ppl are telling you that you're wrong....and you're still here being a fool

    I even followed up and said IT'S THE SAME ON PS5 WITH THE DD PRO.

  • I just wanted to update this with a SOLUTION"

    The H shifter does indeed work with AC and ACC. You just have to be in a car that only comes in H pattern for it to work because "it's a sim".

    So to anyone looking; nothing is wrong with your setup you just have to choose a 6 speed car.

    For example the Lotus Elise SC will be H pattern but the Ferraris will not be. For those cars sequential can work or the paddle shifter.

    People like Lee Spinks are scum....they have no idea about topics and pollute the information pool with their ego and disinformation. Mods should do something about trash like that

  • Quennan DavisQuennan Davis Member
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    Found the list of cars here that support h pattern per the game manufacturer. Though I'm sure some clown knows why that manufacturers website is wrong too. 🙄

    Independent link with a more extensive list than the manufacturers website (might include cars from mods but nonetheless it's more info)

    Only sequential will work on ACC because none of the GT race cars have H patterns

  • Gregg DomainGregg Domain Member
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    Huh. Never knew that. That seems like a pretty unnecessary restriction for the devs to impose. I mean, by that rationale, why bother implementing controller support, because you know... all of the real cars use wheels.

    Should just let people do what they want and make it as realistic or unrealistic as they choose. Is that restriction only for consoles? I play both AC and ACC on PC, but I don't own a separate shifter, so wouldn't know.

  • Quennan DavisQuennan Davis Member
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    yes I think it's strange too....but you know "it's a sim" so "realism" or something like that lol

    I don't know if it's just for console because I don't game on PC to know but that's a good question too.

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    If you have an H gearbox and you activate it on AC you will have to use the H gearbox on cars that have it. If you don't activate it, all cars can be driven with paddle shift and automatic clutch. On some H-geared racing cars, it is also possible to shift gears without the clutch, because the racing gearbox allows this. On others you will destroy the gearbox if you don't use the clutch.

    On each simulator, even ACC and AC it is sufficient to look at the cockpit of the car. Are there 2 or 3 pedals? Is there a gear lever?

    On ACC if the car has only 2 pedals it will have an automatic clutch and will not shut off the engine when stopped without the clutch. For the rest it is possible to use the manual clutch. During pit stops, the engine must be switched off with a button, while if the car has 3 pedals it will switch off by itself if you stop without clutch. Not recommended in real life, but in the game it can be an advantage.

  • There are cars with 3 pedals in ACC?

    I don't know, it all seems unnecessarily complicated, especially if you don't know that much about cars and just want to hop in and drive.

    All I know is, I use paddle shifters for everything in both AC and ACC, and in both games I have auto clutch enabled so that I don't need to worry about stalling or anything like that. Is it totally realistic? Purists would say no, but I get a consistent reliable experience in each car and I know what to expect. More importantly, realistic or not, it's fun and I enjoy it. 👍

  • Which cars have 3 pedals in ACC? I don't know which one allows H pattern and I can't find that information readily.

  • Many ACC cars have 3 pedals, all Ferrari, BMW M6, both Aston Martin, Jaguar, Lexus, both McLaren, both Mercedes, both Nissan, 2018 Porsche and Cup, Reiter's Lamborghini, Lambo ST, most cars, in fact. Neither has the H gearbox, obviously, it would not be competitive.

    Simply select room in the vehicle selection screen to enter the cockpit. Cars with 2 pedals also have manual clutch, but on the steering wheel, they have 4 paddles instead of 2.

    If you do not activate the automatic clutch you will have to use it to start, although cars with only the hand clutch will start anyway, but much slower.

    Also, in the event of a spin, the engines of cars with automatic clutch will also shut down if you don't press the clutch levers.

    Many people want to simulate, and have a more realistic experience.

    For example, I have 2 steering wheels, one round and one open with clutch on the steering wheel, and I use one or the other depending on the car I drive. I have an H gearbox, a handbrake, a button box, and I adjusted the FOV to superimpose my real wheel on the simulated one, to have more realism of the simulation.

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    So in short form

    ACC doesn't allow H pattern shifters? Trying to get to the crux of what I've been asking and it's specifically regarding the H pattern.

  • That's right, it's a simulator, none of the real GT3, GT4 and CUP cars have an H gearbox.

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    Thanks man; I appreciate the info

    So for anyone looking

    H pattern works in AC with the appropriate car (see posts above with links to a list of the cars)

    H pattern will not work in ACC (due to none of those cars having a H pattern) but you can use the sequential mode on the SQ shifter or the paddle shifters.

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