Throttle not working after installing load cell break kit.

Bought a DD pro and the load cell break kit for ps5 and just received it

when I installed the load cell to my csl pedal as instructed by your manual and updated all firmware the throttle doesn’t work but the other pedals work.

I just used my pedals before installing the load cell and it worked fine with the dd pro and I reinstalled it to my csl elite and it worked fine.

since I bought my first sim rig and parts from fanatec I was excited but now just really disappointed on your service and after sales considering how expensive your are.



  • Oh yeah next time you ask your couriers to deliver something make sure it’s at the right place. It was sent to a different address to what was on my profile

  • I have te same problem (And I bought a second CSL set..because teire reaction took soooo long) and recieved this email:


    Dear Mike,

    Thank you for your message.

    Basically, the defect originates from an incorrect mounting of the CSL pedal with the Loadcell.

    Due to the incorrect connection, the Hall sensor on the accelerator pedal is affected and can therefore not output any signals.

    We can offer you to exchange the two CSL pedals. The Loadcell kit is not responsible for the defect and therefore does not have to be returned.

    Please check during installation that the pedals are correctly connected to each other.

    Please let me know if I may initiate your exchange.


    But when I recieve my new set an connect again, the way it should, I would get the same problem I think!

    The problem does seem to be the load cell, after receiving my new pedals it worked, after connecting the load cell it stopped working. the cables are properly connected, as in the manual and with the labeling on the cables. so probably if I get a 3rd set that becomes defective as a result.

    Because when I changed back to the normal pedal. I still doenst work!!

  • Like you, I did not error in the initial setting up of my pedals.

  • i just bought a 2nd set of pedals from a fanatec dealer here in Canada while trying to get the other one fixed. My pedal died when I was playing for around 30 mins then the accelerator started going berserk sometimes I let go of the pedal and it still accelerates then it dies.

  • Have you tried taking the pedals off your rig and just leaving them on the floor?

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    Sorry, probably my reading.... but let me ask for clarification. Your second brought from a dealer in Canada is also malfunctioning?

  • I did the same thing... (See my message above)

    I bought a second set of normal pedal... It worked without the loadcell..

    After connecting the loadcel... My Accelarate went dead...AGAIN!

    My loadcell breaks it....But still they say its not the problem of te loadcell.

    So I receive shorly a net pedal and have to connect it on my loadcell.

    99% i am will break again.

    And i can wait again a copple of weeks!

  • You’d think there would be aware of the problem by now, hmm.

  • I actually had the same problem

    Throttle on Max and sometimes on min after calibrate

    Maybe the problem is from the update, any way to back the old version?

  • I've just had the same issue, LC delivered today, installed as per instructions and now my throttle no longer works.

    I have tried going back to how it was with no LC, and it doesn't work at all.

    All FW up to date, so now I have no pedals at all thanks to the new LC.

    Really not happy, contacted support and awaiting a response.

  • i have the same problem.

    i had from the start the cls + lc.

    wihtout a simrig i just used the trottle and clutch/break without the loadcell.

    Now that i have a simrig, i installed and mounted everything, so there was finally time to enjoy the game to the fullest including the loadcell.

    Took this opportunity to update the firmwarek, but then suddenly throttle and clutch is not recognized and is not working anymore .

    I tried several connections, its definitely mounted correctly. Even trying to use in old mode (wihout LC) it does not work anymore.

    No flickering like in other posts, it just does not recognize the trottle at all.

    In some settings i get a signal from the clutch when using it as a break.

    but thats it.

    having a solution for that?

    Highly appreciated.

  • The cause may be of the rig. The rig is metal, the pedals have magnetic sensors, and there's a big electric motor nearby. All connected to a PC sensitive to electromagnetic interference.

    Detach the pedals from the rig, place them on the floor, connect them via usb, keep wheelbase off, and try to see if they work.

  • I want to add a comment to express how much I agree with what you all are experiencing but Fanatec has worn me out. I have a very large file full of back and forth emails with them.

    Very very poor service and even worse products. I’m beyond disappointed and very depressed.

    When I recover I’ll start again with research for another brand. I will let my solicitor deal with them.

    RMA/44678 F and RMA/42455F.

    George Sydney Australia

  • Bonjour, moi aussi j'ai le même problème avec mon pédalier CSL LC 2021. Suite à l'achat de matériel FANATEC neuf, après quelque heure de gaming, mon accélérateur osciller de plus en plus.

    A présent sur le panneau FANATEC control la valeur affiche 0 % même en pressant sur la pédale rien ne s'affiche. Mon load cell fonctionne correctement ainsi que ma pédale d'embrayage.

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