Absolute Shocking Support Issue not fixed when sent away for RMA

After a 2 month wait for my Handbrake, My RMA was accepted and finally dealt with.

I received the item 8 days later and still the item does not work.

I have now discovered that the fault lies in the 3mm input port on the handbrake. When the lead wire is placed in at an angle and just about 1/3 of the way the Handbrake just registers.....Who can someone like me with no background of hardware fixes see the issue when trained staff at fanatec have not?

Having a 2 month wait of back and forth emails which were all useless to then get the go ahead for an RMA fix was finally getting somewhere,to then receive it back with no information in the box or via email to state what they did in the factory to supposedly fix this issue.

Its beyond a disgrace now that this company has acted like this from day 1 and still till this day blame a Pandemic and severe support problems is beyond shameful now.

Beware new buyers


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