Update firmare podium dd1 f1...before update base solo and after connect the wheel and update it?

Hi to everybody, :A question, i have just ordered one podium f1 dd1 , when i put the firmware for the first time, it's better to do with the wheel on, or only the base first and after upgrade the firmware of the wheel??? Witch is the correct, to avoid to make a brick...::((((

Thanks in avance


  • Hi,

    I've always updated first the wheelbase, connect any extra device once at a time and check the fw, later update.

    No issues in 5 years, with CSL elite, pedals, LC, formula wheel, shifter and recently with the DD Pro, GT wheel and V3 pedals.

    Anyway, before doing any fw update I would check the actual fw version and verify if you are in need to do that....beware, the latest firmware isn't always the best one....in fact i did not update the formula wheel and the V3 pedal set because for the V3 the fw that was installed is apparently the best at the moment, or at least the one with more "stability".

    Take extra time to verify the preinstalled fw and check the forum section for issues and changelogs.


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