The Podium wheel base DD2 switches off itself.

I have bought a Podium wheel base DD2 and it is incredible: after one month of use, it started to switch off itself. It happens after 15 minutes playing, and it happens all the time. I asked for warranty and they anwered me with a mail saying "I apologice..." and asked me for some videos!!! Videos about what? About seeing how the Podium wheel base DD2 switches off itself? It is incredible!!! I need a solution, becasue the device is under warranty!!! Lost money with this tricky company!!!!


  • What happens is probably electromagnetic interference. Electric motors produce eddy currents by induction, which are discharged to the ground system through the groundig circuit of the appliance. At some point these evil electrons find a more comfortable way to discharge themselves. They typically discharge on the rig, causing ground loops that are responsible for all sorts of madness on some of the rig's mounted peripherals.

    Why does this happen after about a month? Because due to the FFB, or the force with which we press the load cell brake, or maneuver the gearbox, the paint of the rig, near the screws, jumps off and creates metal-on-metal contact areas, inside which they slip the electrons.

    There are many ways of solving the problem. Here on the forum you will find many tips, the most used of which is to ground the rig.

    I hope an electronics expert does not read this.

  • "I hope an electronics expert does not read this."


    Well for the record, Alessandro, you've definitely helped me out with your knowledge and advice on this matter, whether you consider yourself an "expert" or not. So thank you. 👍

  • I have a very similar issue, just posted my problem. But my DD2 does not recognize the Podium Hub at all, they RMA and sent out a new one, and same thing. My V2.5 works fine, so it's not the wheel base.

    But sometimes when power cycling trying to get it to work, it'll power on, turn the wheel, and then the display will shut off but the power light is still on. This even causes the Fanalabs to shut down.

    This is so maddening, as it's been weeks trying to get a working product.

    Did you find a solution?

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