Price increases coming next week



  • Apart from the sums don't add up. €1475 minus German VAT should mean you are checking out €1198.

  • Hi!

    I’m ok with the price of the Dd pro Bundle, I’m ok if the price increases and I’m waiting to hear what’s next. I’m new here as a logged in user, but trying to see news for quite a time, but it’s like the “zombie apocalypse” started and no one hast told me. Am I the only who’s hoping to see some news about what’s next?? For example is there a chance to purchase a DD Pro Wheel Set in the near future, or what about to come?? Hopefully someone has news 4 me… cause I really want to buy here and not at the aftermarket…

  • Would you mind changing the title to “coming on [actual date]”? My heart rate monitor will thank you later. 😜

  • @Thomas Jackermeier:

    I was wondering not hearing anything from you for so long, so instead of going to the blog like I do everyday, this time I wanted to see the video of Goodwood, to see the fastest car ever beating the VW ID.R and being shorter than an VW up!

    And what did I saw at 40min23s???

    wait, where does he have my fanatec podium advance paddle module in his car? (well unfortunately not exactly mine, as I sadly still have the v1 with 2mm carbon paddles).

    Fortunatly, your paddles are the prettiest bit of the steering wheel:

    As I am already waiting for the Bentley wheel and the Monte Carlo winning Ford Rally1 wheel (I am so glad I don't like the design of the BMW M4 GT3 at least!), enough please stop doing such great wheels Fanatec, PLEASE!!!

    Why do I know that I need only 2 wheels, but I already have many more (well already sold some of them to be QR2 ready) and want even more....

    Hope someone reads it and leave some comments, so that I have something to read when I come back on the blog someday (...tomorrow ;-)).

    Keep doing great job all Fanatec staff, already great journey with your products (PGT3RS V2, CSR Elite, CSW 2.5, waiting for DD2 successor (kicking Simucube 2 Pro's ass)..) always very happy with those, and planing to continue the journey for a loooooong time!


  • The wheel QR in the McMurtry look like a modified QR2. The shaft when the driver disconnects it appears to be like the shaft shown on the QR2, just without the rest of the wheelbase and whatnot.

    Anyone have high resolution pics of the interior of the car?

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  • Any news on when more ddpro will be back in stock? Seems like it’s been some time and not a word since the price increase update.

  • when ddpro will be available ? i'm waiting since long months ago to take order, but no news of availbility ? great silence ...

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