F1 2022 Overriding Sensitivity Settings DD Pro

Keith GamazonKeith Gamazon Member
edited June 2022 in F1 20xx

So today I got F1 2022 - the sensitivity when left on auto is around 360. I leave the game and go play some iracing and now my wheel doesn't want to turn more than the sensitivity of what was used in F1.

Once i start turning my wheel in iracing while left in auto my wheel turns almost immediately to steering lock.

I've tried to reset the wheel sensitivity in the Fanatec control panel and it keeps the same sensitivity for f1 cars no matter what

I have found a way to kind of fix it - instead of leaving it at auto i put it to 1070 steering and it kind of fixes the solution. Preferably would not like to do this

I am not the first person this has happened to - A friend of mine who also has the same DD pro who played F1 2022 today is now having the same issue.

Has anyone else had this happen as well - if so has anyone else found a proper fix so I can use Auto sensitivity again?


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