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  • FanaLab can only recognize devices when the DRIVER recognizes the devices and when FanaLab does not recognize the devices in one mode then the issue is that the DRIVER does not detect it in that mode. You shouild do a Driver Repair with the base powered on and in the mode which does not work. Alternatively, uninstall and reinstall the driver, also with the base powered on, or alternatively try different USB ports.

    But the issue is not on FanaLab but fully on the Driver / USB.

  • Thank you. i have done a full unistall and reinstall multiple times now. but I will try the repair option and try a different usb port on my computer.

  • Noticed that the ITM shows 77% brake bias even though its set to 52%. This is in ACC with the Porsche 991GT3.

    DD1 base with latest Fanalab and Firmware

  • Can not confirm, ITM showing the correct BB value for all the Porsche cars in the game.

  • Hello everybody,

    i am playing F1 22 right now. Is there a way to activate it in fanalab, so that i can use the dynamic functions.

    I mean dynamic damping at low and hight speed, activating the ff motors on my v3 pedals.

    When not, when will it be supported?


  • Marcel PfisterMarcel Pfister Member, Administrator

    New FanaLab version 1.65 available, please continue with the new discussion, this one will be closed.

    Changelog of FanaLab 1.65.5

    • Fixed: Crash on startup.
    • Fixed: PBME not being detected.
    • Fixed: CBP not working when TM is on Standard Mode or when Profile Idx is on Auto.
    • Fixed: CBP behavior. Enabled even when TM is on AUTO SETUP mode.
    • Fixed: FFS value on steering wheel plug/unplug.
    • Fixed: ITM issues:
      •  Added: Possibility to change the Analysis Screens on the PDD Display when loading a Custom Game.
      •  Fixed: ITM favorite page on BME is saved as PDD favorite page instead.
      •  Fixed: Radio button on the ITM page is not synced with the actual page in device.
      •  Fixed: Analysis page save/load function.
      •  Improved: Auto-page-switch and return-to-favorite-page features.
      •  Improved: ITM performance. Reduced the chance of a possible freeze of the ITM values.
    • Added: F1 22 support.
    • Added: ACP on profile preview for BMW M4 GT3.
    • Updated: Wheel lock behavior. Disabled on games that supports in natively.
    • Updated: ITM-LedDisplay Support.pdf

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