The silence from Fanatec is deafening ...

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So it seems Fanatec has done some great Marketing by using a lot of Youtubers to hype the DD Pro. However those same Youtubers are those not mentioning the really, really bad support / current status of GT7s FFB on the DD Pro. Maybe they don't care, maybe they play other games then GT7 so it really doesn't matter, or they can't as they don't want to risk their good relationship with Fanatec. But to me GT7 was the main reason for the purchase of the DD Pro. And the 8NM Kit. And the Loadcell. And the Mod for the Loadcell. A well-over 1.000€ spend. And noone from Fanatec does even care to at least respond to questions in this Forum, give a statement, a prospect or any other kind of reaction. This is arrogant. And a way to loose a customer.

As it is now, the Fanatec DD Pro does not even compare to a Logitech G29 if you use it for Gran Turismo 7. This is sad ...

Subsequently I decided to try out the TGT 2 from Thrustmaster and will probably sell my Fanatec gear. It will arrive tomorrow.


  • Well, a youtuber tries to make a living out of it so, I guess, it's partially understandable.

    Would you do something different, maybe after a nice race weekend at Spa 24h?.

    And don't get me wrong, I like Jardier, he has a nice attitude and is well respected in the community....he is a part of a system let's say, and it's always good to use the "proper manners".

    You can easily spot several other youtubers in the video, if you know them (Chris Haye....Super GT....).

    So yes, marketing was phenomenal, like the phenomenal bulls**t of the magical combo "DD Pro & GT7". 😊

    Stand up everyone, clap your hands, and repeat. They were really really good.

    Ciao!!! 😉

  • You mean the reduced FBB that game developer forced due to a broken finger incident in order to avoid lawsuits from dumbasses and since then it is shit?

  • I also like these Youtubers, especially Super GT. Very entertaining. However, I learned to take everything with a grain of salt ...

  • I'm doing a calculation in mind. I follow 5 Italian youtubers who use Fanatec steering wheels. Which means they don't review Fanatec, don't have Fanatec review videos, haven't received Fanatec products to review, but they use Fanatec products.

    Out of 5 I follow, 4 have had breakdowns and had RMAs with Fanatec. One of them threw the steering wheel live during a championship race! Things happened over the years, none of them ever had problems with CSL DD, for example.

    Perhaps famous youtubers receive Fanatec products for review, but then don't use them continuously. And this probably applies to GT7 as well. They used it and reviewed it just to get views, but otherwise they don't play GT7.

    Danny Lee recently made a very critical video on Fanatec market strategies, and also mentioned customer service. But no word from anyone about GT7.

    It must be said that a serious and prepared Simracer knows the dangers that can arise from the use of high torque steering wheels, but those who use a console do not expect to be able to end up in the hospital. The consoles are also used by children and if the parents are rich enough to afford a DD they will give it to their children, without expecting consequences.

    On the other hand, I don't think Fanatec can protest with Sony when the motivation is "child safety". Nor will it tell its customers not to buy DD Pro, because GT7's FFB sucks. And what could youtubers say? "Let the kids break their little fingers and give us back the FFB." I don't think it will happen.

  • This has nothing to do with broken fingers or children, the problem is not the amount of force, the problem is that the signal is clipping and you can't feel anything on the asphalt at all. Only a spring effect is felt. They could fix this in 5 minutes if they really wanted to.

    In Spain the streamers who used it have already stopped doing so, Coque Lopez for example has returned to TGT and others like Stradi have simply stopped playing GT7.

    I think that fanatec could put pressure on Polyphony or at least explain why it is not solved.

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    Why should Fanatec fix a fault of a game? With the next update of the game they would have to take back the fix. That's not a good way.

  • maybe because it is the official product of the game? (or at least that's how they sold it to us...)

  • While it's a huge disappointment with GT7, the fault really does lay with the developer for screwing this up. It would be nice to know that Fanatec have at least raised it with PD as an issue, as it makes both sides look stupid considering the marketing of it all. The thing is - the wheel functions, so half of the consumers out there who have no point of comparison may not even know any better that it's not functioning WELL.

    The best way to sum up the DD Pro with GT7 is that the car feels disconnected from the road. At best it's a sterile experience, like you're driving on a giant rubber floormat instead of a rough imperfect bumpy surface. Each car should have a distinct driving feel but doesn't - they all feel virtually identical. Even some of the expected effects from hitting kerbs and other cars are totally missing.

    I refuse to sell all my kit just because of one game though, that's a knee-jerk reaction and would regret that later when I play racing games other than GT7. GT7 is not even that great of a Racing Sim game really, the cockpit view and level of detail inside the car is pretty lame compared to say ACC or PC2. I still think waiting for a patch to drop is the way to go, even if it takes months more, there is hope. In the meantime go enjoy the 6+ other awesome Sim racing experiences you can have using a direct drive wheel.

  • "It would be nice to know that Fanatec have at least raised it with PD as an issue."

    They have. Several times.

  • what a ridiculous post. fanatec are not responsible for what polyphony do. get a grip

  • Yes. This.

    I was A+ in both GTS and GT7, EMEA, and sold my PS5 and GT7 copy the day after trying RaceRoom. That's how big the difference is, and how much GT7 FFB sucks in comparison. Finally, in RaceRoom, I feel like Fanatec gear is worth the money, and I've bought more stuff since then. And I'll keep buying in the future.

    But, in Gran Turismo you have all those typical "game things", for the people that like that and prioritize it above actual racing. Many do.

    Somewhat off-topic: The physics are a joke as well.

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