Clubsport V3 Throttle Throw

Hello !!!

I've just installed 2 dampers on my CS V3 but the throw of the throttle is very very long.

Is there a way to shorten it without unscrewing the rod?

What if I just turn the damper a little bit more clockwise?


  • yes you can use the damper to shorten the throw

  • During my V3 dampers mounting I found that I had to change the throw of the throttle pedal anyway because of the mechanical interference with the vibration motor, the throw was too long (pedal set right out of the box) and the vibration motor bracket (new one in the damper kit) was hitting the damper mount block.

    I would not do this using the damper, It's not that problem to remove the damper and set up the pedal throw properly and leave the damper doing its intended job.


  • No problem with the motor bracket hitting the mount block.

    To have a shorter throw I've unscrewed the rod and turned the damper too. Reccomended setup was not good for me. The throw was way too long.

  • As I wrote before the rod mechanical adjustment is the way to set the pedal throw.

    Once you find the ideal pedal throw then there is the damper adjustment; the damper should work in complete estension and compression and not be limited by the mechanical throw of the pedal….it’s the damper job.

    The damper then is fine tuned with the screw on the back to be softer or stiffer, but its extension and compression should not be limited by the pedal throw, that’s what I meant, sorry for any misunderstanding. 😉

    Well at least this works for me, I use the damper to adjust softness/stiffness on all the pedal travel distance, and not to limit or set the pedal throw itself.


  • Thanks a lot for your full explanation.

    I've changed the damper settings yesterday and now I followed fanatec's instructions on how to install and adjust it.

    I've set the tuning screw to 0 and calibrated the pedal after all these changes.

    Thanks again for your help

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