FanaLab Question: Loading of profiles

Hi all,

wanted to post it under FanaLab, but could not create a discussion there....

My understanding is that after I created profiles including marking them 'Default' for my games, these should be loaded once I start the game. This is not happening though for me.

Do I need to change a setting for this?


  • When a profile is selected as "Default" with a green button then it will be loaded when the game starts, yes.

    However, old versions of FanaLab had an issue where this didnt worked properly. This was fixed with the most recent versions.

    Which version are you using? Try the latest version 1.66 if you are on an older version.

  • Try launching the game through fanalab

  • I am using the latest official version (I think 1.63, am currently not at my gaming PC), I have seen there is a newer version available, but it requires BETA drivers if I am not mistaken.

    Will try to launch the game through Fanalab to see whether it makes a difference.

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    Actually you are mistaken. Latest official FanaLab Version 1.66 requires Driver 446 which is an official and not a Beta Driver.

    It wont make a difference to start the games through FanaLab because it's an issue of the old version 1.63 you use which is only fixed with the newest FanaLab Versions.

  • Yep, after upgrading, all seems to work as expected! Thanks!

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