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  • Go to this folder C:\Users\Your User name\AppData\Local\Fanatec\FanaLab\settings\ (where Your User Name is the name you use on your PC)

    You will find the profiles you have uploaded in one of the folders in there.

    For example the folder named C:\Users\Your User name\AppData\Local\Fanatec\FanaLab\settings\5.0 on my system has all the iRacing profiles in it. You can just highlight them all and delete them as well as copy all the new ones into there as well.

    I'm not sure if other games put their files in different folders as I only use Fanalab for iRacing but I would assume that is the case. Just browse through the sub folders under settings to see which ones have the setup files in them you want to delete or add.

  • Hey Maurice, for the F1 22 profiles, more specifically the LEDs. That gap from one LED at a RPM of 11434 then the next one at 11555 creates a strange pause till the next one instead of just flowing through the lights. It has a small hesitation after 11434 till it gets to 11555. Did you forget a value in between? Or is this on purpose and why? Every LED is separated by like 62 or one is 45 one is 66. But that one has a gap of 121 lol. I'm not complaining I'm just wondering.

  • I did not forgot a value in between, its exactly like its also in the game. Last red LED lights up at 11434 RPM and first blue LED lights up at 11555 RPM. I do not make my profiles so the RevLEDs light up in a smooth consistent order but exactly how the in game LEDs work and therefore there is the bigger gap, because the game has it coded that way.

  • @everyone: Another update for my AMS2 profile pack!

    • added 26 new profiles (with the 18 new profiles from yesterday this means now a grand total of 65 profiles) for the following cars:
      • BMW 2002 Turbo
      • BMW M1 Procar
      • BMW M3 Sport Evo Group A
      • Caterham 620R
      • Caterham Academy
      • Caterham Superlight
      • Caterham Supersport
      • Dallara F301
      • Dallara F309
      • Ginetta G40 (+Cup)
      • Ginetta G55 GT4 Supercar
      • Ginetta G58
      • Lola T95/00
      • Lola T98/00
      • Lola B2K00
      • Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.5-16 Evo II DTM
      • MINI Cooper JCW
      • Mitsubishi Lancer R
      • Mitsubishi Lancer RS
      • Puma P052
      • Reynard 95i
      • Reynard 98i
      • Reynard 2Ki
      • Sprint Race
      • Super V8
      • Swift 009c

    This now includes basically all AMS2 cars which I would drive and where I saw a need for a profile - means AMS2 is finished.

    Next update coming when the delayed Formula USA 2022 is launched which definitely needs a profile.

  • Thx for the update

  • Thank you very much for the update 😍

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    Unfortunately a minor issue went into one profile where I accidentally erased a "<" which leads to the profile not being shown in FanaLab at all... Therefore here a Hotfix with the issue fixed and also with some minor FFB adjustmentrs to a few cars.

  • Ahhhhhh, thought so lol. Thank you for the insight. What method did you use to find that out? With ACC it's easy I can rev the engine all the way up slowly then watch the replay in .25 speed with the HUD up and boom, easy. Trying to do it with iRacing is hard. I don't know how to have the dash up with the RPM read out during a replay. What method could I use for iRacing?

  • I usually just do it in real time by pressing the pedal and see when a LED in game lights up, then Alt+Tab into FabaLab and enter the respective RPM value. I dont use replays to do that.

  • Fantastic work with the AMS2 profiles, Maurice :)

    For the wheelbase, are the values in the 'Automobilista 2 (PC) - Fanatec Recommended Settings' post still valid? There has been some major firmware revisions since that post was last updated if I'm not mistaken...

  • I dont do the recommended settings so I cant speak for them. I only know I needed to change every single of my profiles after the latest game update. So the recommended settings might need to be adjusted, but more because of the game update and not because of the latest firmware changes.

  • I've googled for a good while and read through the Fanalab 1.65 and this thread looking to solve my issue with F1 22 LEDs not working, but no cigar. I have clicked the green buttons, checked that in-game UDP Broadcast and Fanatec Led options are off, checked that UDP Port is 20888, but LEDs are still not working on my F1 wheel. With the in-game Fanatec Led setting ON the default lights do work, so not a problem with the wheel either.

    Full setup is CSW 2.5, Clubsport pedals V3, Clubsport F1 2020 wheel, and platform is PC. Am I missing something very obvious here?

  • Try Just taking a pic with your phone of the all the settings or a screen shot. And input them in a new profile starting from scratch as if you are making one. That worked for me instantly.

  • Thanks for the reply, I tried making a new Fanalab profile from scratch but still didn't work. But as it turns out, I actually needed to have UDP Port set to 20777 (Fanalab and in-game) and the leds came alive. With 20888 the wheel goes dark. I tried to change pretty much every other setting apart from this one, because I read from the previous thread that 20777 is not supposed to work 😀. Anyways, just glad that it's functioning now.

  • Weird. 20777 doesn't work for me. I use 20888. Interesting lol.

  • And today another 3,5 hours went into my AMS2 profiles because I found a new custom ffb setting file which completely blew me away. This one completely transformed AMS2 for me once again, its so much fun with latest game patch 1.4 and this new custom ffb settings!

    Its based on rFuktor 5.0.1 by Karsten Hvidberg with Shadak & Panis, fine-tuned by a Daniel with a V44 and then once again modified by me.

    With the previous uploads I used a custom ffb file which easily caused oscillations.

    This is now completely fixed in this pack and with the new custom ffb file. There are zero oscillations even if you give the wheel a hit with your fist. The wheel stays super stable.

    The FFB details (road, especially bumps) and also the suspension details are also much more refined.

    This needed a complete rework of every single profile as the FFB strength needed with this new custom ffb file is quite a lot less.

    But I am super happy with the result now and imho this might be even the best FFB of any Sim now.

  • Nice, excited to try this :)

    I was about to try your (old) profiles with Karsten's 5.0.1 file, to see how that worked, but now you have gone and done something even better!

    Thanks again for your contributions :)

  • Did a quick test now in my lunch break, and improved my personal best at the Nordschleife in the 911 GTE with almost four seconds :) Never felt so much in control of the car before. Truly the best FFB I've experienced in AMS2 so far :)

  • As I love AMS2 so much atm... I could not resist and made another 45 new car profiles for a total of 108 (!!!) AMS2 car profiles now ..... :D

    Now basically every brand-car of the game is included. Only cars missing (as I would not drive them) are the Reiza Formula cars and the Reiza Karts.

    And I very slightly adjusted the FFB on some other car profiles (less NDP for most profiles),

    AMS2 profile pack is now 100% complete.

    New car profiles:

    • Aussie Racing Camaro
    • Brabham BT26A
    • Brabham BT44
    • Brabham BT46B
    • Chevrolet Chevette
    • Chevrolet Omega Stock Car 1999
    • Chevrolet Opala Old Stock Race
    • Chevrolet Stock Cars 1979
    • Chevrolet Stock Cars 1986
    • Copa Fusca
    • Copa Montana
    • Copa Uno
    • Formula Vee (Fin)
    • Fusca 1 & 2Hot Cars
    • Fusca Classic FL
    • Gol Classic B
    • Gol Classic FL
    • Gol Hot Cars
    • Iveco Stralis
    • Lotus 23
    • Lotus Type 49C Cosworth
    • Lotus Type 72E
    • Lotus 79
    • MAN TGX
    • MCR S2000
    • Mercedes-Benz Actros
    • MetalMoro AJR Chevrolet
    • MetalMoro AJR Honda
    • MetalMoro AJR Judd
    • MetalMoro AJR Nissan
    • MetalMoro MRX Duratec Turbo P2
    • MetalMoro MRX Duratec Turbo P3
    • MetalMoro MRX Duratec P4
    • MetalMoro MRX Honda P3
    • McLaren M23
    • McLaren MP4/1C
    • MINI Cooper S 1965 (+B)
    • Passat Classic B
    • Passat Classic FL
    • Passat Hot Cars
    • Puma GTB
    • Puma GTE
    • Uno Classic B
    • Vulkan Truck
    • VW Constellation

  • Are these profiles useful for someone on a CSL DD? Or are these specifically made for a DD2?

    And what exactly do the profiles contain? Just FFB settings? Or LED configurations and such as well?

    I can't look right now, but does the zip file also contain recommended in-game settings to go along with all of these profiles?

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    All my profiles contain perfectly fine-tuned FFB Settings for every car for use with DD2 (which can be adapted to be used with DD1 as well when multiplying the FFB setting with 1.25, not possible for every other base). They also contain matching LEDs and shift point vibrations for every car.

    In every game folder there is also a README txt file with in game FFB settings to go a long the Tuning Menu FFB settings.

  • Would be real neat if Fanalab could detect what car you drive and proceed to load an assigned profile for that car. Any chance of that ever happening?

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    Yes, there is a VERY high Chance that this can happen pretty soon :)

  • Tell us about a new feature without telling us about a new feature. lol

  • I did some more testing on the LED freeze. I isolated every variable during it, and it's the flash slider. Whenever you have a flash set, the LEDs will freeze at a certain value but only when you have a flash set. This happens often in F1 22, very rarely in ACC, never in iRacing, some what often in RRRE, all the time in PCars2, never in AC. To rectify, I set the value of the flash to 30,000 RPM and that made the issue go away completely. It never had anything to dop with the rev limiter vibration getting stuck on.

    Which, BTW, if you only turn off rev limiter vibration in the Fanalab settings, that solves it. You don't need to turn off wheel vibration as a whole.

  • Hey Maurice! Fantastic work! No more sliding or slippy feeling! Really great!

    But one strange thing happened with your new settings - it seems as if the stiffening of the steering when going uphill with high downforce is missing completeley now. Any idea how i can get this feeling back?

    thanks again for your great work! Much appreciated! 👍

  • Hi Maurice,

    Thank you for doing all of this!! I have one question. I play alot of AC, if I for example drive a Porsche 911 GT3 R....can I load in the ACC profile of that car and only copy the REV tap en LED'S ??

  • Nope, RPM values very likely are completely different.

  • Are you 100% sure that's also the case with the 2022 formula cars?

    I used latest AMS2 on steam, DD2, Formula v2 wheel, your custom ffb file and settings both in game and on fanalab.

    The wheel definitely oscillates in the straights if I let it go (Imola), but what's more concerning is that when losing the back of the car there's like some massive force spike that can really hurt your hands if you are not prepared for it. It seems to happen mostly when the car is about to stop (after a spin).

    Since we have similar hardware I wasn't expecting this massive difference from what you described. What do you think?

  • I dont have any of your issues.

    I have no oscillations in every of the 108 cars for which I made a profile.

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