Fanatec Driver 447 (Prev. Official Release) (Prev. 445-446) for CSL, CSW and Podium WB (all wheels)



  • Questo problema non c'è solo quando apri il menù prova ad entrare ai box con il volante piegato durante una gara devi tenerlo forzato col rischio di rompersi perché se no all'uscita ti butta fuori dato che devi recuperare 1giro e mezzo.

    Invece su GT 7 sembra di guidare col vecchio T300 su GT Sport non senti cordoli non si può controllare la vettura ho provato 2000 combinazioni adesso ho un campionato su Tokyo con Huracan Gr4 devo levare Sen Auto se no il gioco nel punto centrale è spaventoso e lo stesso non si guida bene quando risolverete si lamentano tutte le persone che conosco del DD pro.

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    when will dd pro csl dd be released new motor firmware to solve weird natural friction problem

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    I sold my DD2 to a guy, before I sold it I updated to the newest firmware and motor v447. He obviously had to install the v447 driver on his pc, but he says he also got a message to update the firmware and motor, I dont understand why he got that. He says the firmware was successful, but the motor upådate failed and now the fan just spins at max. How to solve it please?

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    This happened because he did NOT installed Driver 447 but Driver 439 (indicated by the v40 of his Firmware Versions).

    When someone installs Driver 439 with the Firmware from Driver 447 then 439 triggers a Motor Firmware Update down from to v40 which then leads to exactly this "issue".

    A spinning fan in this case is normal and intended, it indicates that the Motor and Base are incompatible with each other.

    All he now has to do is to flash the Base Firmware to v691 which is compatible the Motor FW v40 he flashed. When thats not possible through the Firmware Manager he has to power-off the base and then power it on again by pressiing the power button for 10 seconds which then boots the base into bootloader mode where he then can flash the base firmware.

    Afterwards he can update to the "real" Driver 447...

  • Thanks. Just to understand, I never had a update problem and I dont know how techy he is. Do you mean press power button for 10 seconds, then something called bootloader comes up (How? Where? On led screen or in windows?) and then select v691 there and then install v447 normally from windows?

  • This is all explained in the included Driver and Firmware manual.

    But in general: yes. The bootloader of the driver package will open on his Windows PC, all he needs to do is click ok / flash. He doesnt have to select anything. Its pretty easy,

  • Hi, I would like to update my csl DD 8 Nm with the new 447 drivers (I now have 439 installed), but I keep reading about various problems and malfunctions. Can anyone tell me whether I should wait for more stable versions or whether I can already upgrade to the latest version? 

    p.s. i have championships running so i CANNOT afford to stop the base.


  • Its a fully official stable Driver which cant really get more stable than this ;)

    Read the known issues and decide for yourself iif you want to update.

    I personally would definitely instantly update as the changelog is so big and the known issues are also already present in 439 so no downside in upgrading.

  • If you have championships running and absolutely cannot afford to be without your base... why would you even consider the option of doing something that could potentially leave you in exactly such a situation?

  • Hello,

    Doing my first ever firmware/driver update after receiving my CSL DD Pro / Formula V2.5 / V3 Pedals.

    While doing the Firmware update, the wheel base motor successfully updated to firmware however when it gets to the Wheel base the lights starts flashing blue and then I get a prompt that the device is not connected anymore.

    I have attempted to hold the power button pressed for 8 second to exit the bootloader mode but it does not work.

    I am able to unplug the power of the CSL DD Pro and use it on PS5 so it is not bricked, but I am not able to update the firmware.

    Current Firmware for the wheel base is and current firmware for the wheel is 44.

    The PC driver downloaded is 447

    Thank you


  • Will updating the dd pro motor firmware fix the problem? Or the base hardware problem

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    The NFR Issue is not fixed yet so neither a base nor a motor update will fix it atm but sometime in the future.

    The scratchy feeling after some time, which can happen even with NFR off, is a hardware issue and wont be fixed with any firmware.

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    A restart of both should also resolve it yes, but I guess using AUTO only in games which support it like F1 22, Race Room or rFactor 2 and using SEN 1080 in other titles might be easier especially if you are using FanaLab with automatic profile loading per game. We've now fixed the issue in the SDK and shared it wit the game developers, hopefully it finds its way in those games soon with the next game updates. Sorry for the inconvenience this issue creates for you and others.

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    Regarding End-Stop

    We are thinking about an adjustable end-stop as well, thank you for the suggestions. The current behavior is to prevent bouncing on the endstop, because if its a harsh and sudden stop while FFB wants to turn against it, it will rattle and oscillate around the end stop.

    Regarding acceleration

    Which tuning menu settings do you use? Maybe the acceleration is slowed down by some Damper, Friction or Inertia?


    I don't know/remember this issue from your explanation, I did drift a lot, also at the Drift Playground map with very quick rotation and never experienced the issue and I don't know it from others. There is a chance this could be hardware related on your base but to know for sure I will need more info to be able to judge the issue better.

    Let me know what exactly happens, like does it shut down completely or is it in another error state. Is there a message on the screen, is the base still connected but not working and so on. A video could also help a lot with understanding the issue better.

    Regarding your settings

    They don't look like they could cause such an issue and are generally fine.

    But I've noticed that you are using 100% in-game gain which causes clipping in AC. I would suggest to lower the in-game gain to around 70% and raise the FFB strength on the base to compensate for the lower strength. This way you get similar strength but without clipping and more FFB detail in the higher range. To check what I mean you can use the default HUD for pedal inputs, the grey bar on the right shows the FFB strength and if the bar gets red it indicates that the signal reached the maximum and is clipping which results in all detail in that area being lost and the further increase of force not being reflected on the wheel side. This can be best checked during fast cornering where high FFB is sent, With a gain of around 70 or lower this should not happen anymore. Also might depend on the car

  • Hi, new forum user here, but older fanatec products user!

    I'm using a GT DD PRO base with older CSR Elite pedals (with load cell). They were working perfectly (I play GT7 on PS5) and I could change the BLI setting in the control panel (PC) and from the wheel (F1 V2.5) when attached to PS5. That BLI setting was also working fine; when I changed it, the vibration in the F1 wheel activated depending on the setting and force applied to the load cell brake pedal.

    Firmware 445 came out and I updated the Fanatec driver from 439 and GT DD PRO Base: to 445/447 and GT DD PRO Base: Now the BLI setting has disappeared from the wheel tuning menu and also from the control panel tuning menu. The vibration in the wheel is still there and working at the level set before the update, but I cannot change the activation threshold anymore from anywhere while using the same pedal set.

    I reverted the wheelbase back to and the setting appeared again.

    I read in the release notes that the BLI setting is now hidden if the pedals are not compatible: "Fixed BLI Tuning Menu setting also shown if no accessory is attached which supports it.". I know the CSR Elite pedals are older, but they feature a load cell and are compatible and working well after 10 years.

    Is this a known issue that will be addressed in the future? Or will I have to use an older base firmware in order to have the BLI option show up?



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    BLI will be re-enabled in the next driver and firmware update when you use a Wheel with vibration motors.

  • Nice to hear that Maurice! thanks a lot for a quick reply.


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    Are you able to try with a different USB port or PC?

    When you did hold the power button for 8seconds to start the base, what part did not work? Did nothing happen at all or did the updater open but not update?

  • Hi Marcel,

    Is nice to get your reply here : D👍️, this is the video to demo what's going on:

    I tested it with my friends in a total of 5 DD1/DD2/CSL DD wheelbases, unfortunately,😂, they all behaviours in the same so I suspect it's a bug in the driver.

    I agree with you that clipping on some game it's annoying, so this time my parameters are:

    FFB: PEAK, FF 38%, Deg 1080, NDP 6%, NFR 0%, NIN 0%, INT 2%, FEI 100%, FOR 100%, SPR 100%, DPR 100%.

    Plugin: Not use FanaLab

    Game: Assetto Corsa

    Game Parameters: gain 45%, without in-car changing, without software 'soft lock', without FFB extra postprocessing.

    I think the video with the sound already well reproduced the bug.😋

    Please let me know if you need anything else : D

    Again, like what I said in the video,😍 it's really nice to know Fanatec Team already thought about the 'End-Stop' feeling function, hope that one could be released soon!



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    Thank you for your work. Finally the FunkySwitch on my BMW gt2 wheel V1 started to work.

  • Hello, I have the dd1 with the steering wheel of the gt7 dd pro, and when I'm playing gt7 sometimes 20 minutes and another 25 minutes the steering wheel is disconnected from the game, is there any solution?? Thank you

  • Hi Marcel,

    Thank you for the suggestion. It ended up working by plugging the cable through a USB hub and not directly into the computer which I found odd.


  • hello

    I noticed that the gear ratios and the odometer display

    no longer work on my steering wheel during the dirt 2.0 and assetto corsa games, do you have any idea?

    *steering RS
    *driver 447
    *fanalab 1.66

  • Am I supposed to be getting a "CAUTION! Torque key..." blah blah warning message all the time even after clicking it away when I first turn on the wheel base? As usual, running the latest firmware on the DD2 with a PBME. My last issues were rectified by Fanatec shipping me out a shorter USB cable - turns out 2m is the magical length limit!

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    see below

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