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  • No custom made profiles are shared by anyone for a CSW.

    So you will have to make your own profiles. As baseline Fanalab offers a recommended settings profile for your base though.

  • So, which Fanalab baseline shoul i consider ? 1.66 is what i'm presently using. My dought is that CSW 2.5 might not be considered with the latest

  • Dont understand the question.

    FanaLab 1.66 Supports every Fanatec Base, including your CSW v2.5.

  • Ok, I will switch to your latest update with big FFB, but for CSW i'll need to take FFB up to 100%. Correct ?

  • My profiles in general are not compatible with anything else other than Podium DD. Especially not with Belt Bases as those Bases have a completely different Tuning Menu with completely different settings.

  • So which latest baseline version of profiles is compatible ?

  • None. I never did any kind of profiles for Belt Bases, sry.

  • Marcel PfisterMarcel Pfister Member, Administrator

    you can load them and un-check the Tuning Menu box next to the loading/import button. Then you still have all the other settings from Maurice but still your CSL DD Tuning Menu settings. Or you load his complete profile and see how the settings work on the CSL DD and fine adjust some values which might not be right. FOr example the P DD FFB strenght might be set to something like 50% while on the CSL DD you would like it on 100, you could fix those after loading the profile.

  • Marcel PfisterMarcel Pfister Member, Administrator

    My suggestion on what you can do:

    1. Import the profiles of Maurice
    2. Load a car specific profile from Maurice which you would like to use
    3. Then load the "Recommended FFB Settings (game name)" which is shown first in the list.
    4. Then save the profile again, for example overwrite the original setting from Maurice

    This way you have all LED settings of Maurice in combination with the Recommended FFB settings of the game which are included in FanaLab. Of course only works with games which Recommended settings are provided for.

  • Hey Maurice,

    Thanks for keeping these profiles continually updated, much appreciated! Can you explain what you are looking for when you tune these profiles? Are you tuning them by feel, or by using some kind of calculations/telemetry, or both? And why would you run the wheel at 60% strength and then use 15nm wheel force in iracing (for example) instead of using 25nm wheel force and then running the ffb strength at a lower percentage?


  • Is there a release date concerning the new fanalab version?

    It is really annoying to drive lap and lap and lap with the funny [P] shown on the V2 display all the time...

    Thanks & Cheers!

  • I tweak the FFB settings purely by how I feel the car feels nice to drive. There is no kind of complex calculation based on telemetry happening, just purely by feel. And from the feedback I get... It seems quite a lot of people also think that the FFB feels great so my interpretation of how a car should feel seems to be spot-on :)

    For the other question, thats just a matter of taste and safety. By using a max. FFB value of 60 in the Tuning Menu I intentionally limit my DD2 motor to ever output a maximum peak force of 15Nm as I found more strength hurts me over time. When running a FFB value of 100 in the Tuning Menu and low in the game then at some specifiic scenarios there is still a chance that a big peak of 25Nm can come through - which I dont want to experience. 15Nm is enough for me, therefore I limit the FFB through the Tuning Menu setting to never output more than 15Nm.

  • A new FanaLab version is still quite some time away.

    If you dont want to see the [P] all the time, then disable the Pit Limiter Display setting for the time being, or set a diifferent Display setting to Constant.

  • Hi, thanks for helping us with such a great level of information.

    I have a question:

    I downloaded and installed the new firmware and the new FanaLab version, but Fanalab keeps crashing. It is not connecting to Iracing and when i try to upload the 1.66 profile, it just shuts down completely. Any thoughts on it?

    thank you so much


  • Hey Maurice,

    Yep I am one of those people, I've spent a lot of time this week with someone who has just started iRacing and I've been driving practice sessions with a lot of cars I haven't driven for a while, and they all feel fantastic with your profiles. Your profiles have really made a huge difference for me loving my DD2 vs the default settings which kind of made me think I'd made a mistake not getting a simucube or something. I guess one of the problems with the power and configuration flexibility of DD wheels is that you can make them feel quite bad if you don't use the right settings. Anyway thanks again!

  • Just an update here. Everything is working fine while in Iracing, but the only thing I can't solve is Fanalab crashing every time I try to upload the cars' profile (1.66). I've installed and uninstalled it many times, but still the issue. Does any body have an idea of what to do?? thank you so much =)

  • When FanaLab crashes then please always provide Windows Event Logs of the affected crashes, otherwise it's not possible to investigate at all.

  • Maurice,

    Would you consider developing profiles for the other two NASCAR cars, B (Xfinity) and C (Trucks) and maybe ARCA too?

    Secondly, is there any good documentation on how Fanalab functions? I looked for a manual on the website and can't find anything. I will see if there is a help section in the app itself.

    My main question is how to efficiently utilize different profiles within iRacing. I loaded your Next Gen profile into Fanalab, but not sure if that profile would be used for every car I drive in iRacing or it is smart enough to only use it for the Next Gen car. If it doesn't apply to every car, I guess I should load the recommended iRacing settings into Profile 2, but do I need to select it before entering iRacing? If I am in iRacing and change cars, do I need to exit iRacing, select a new profile and then launch it again, or can I alt-tab out and select the other profile and alt-tab back into iRacing and it takes effect?

  • Maurice,

    I was curious if you had any insight if Fanalab was able to use telemetry data to not only figure out what game you are playing, but what car you get in so it would load the profile for that car instead of clicking on it before you load up the game through Fanalab?

    Basically, grab the vehicle type within the exported UDP telemetry from iRacing, most racing sims will include a header type of the data in which it indicates a vehicle name.

    I currently use a motion sim platform that does something similar to this and it's beyond amazing, just allow a way to say when you get in this car load this profile, or if you want to go further, use this car and this track load this profile. Not sure if that would be useful for NASCAR or INDY cars on Oval and Road courses.

  • For now you have to Alt+Tab out of the game into FanaLab to load the profile of the car you want to drive, yes.

    Thats actually exactly what our Devs are currently working on so that FanaLab can load a profile completely automatically for the specific car which you drive in the game. :)

  • Hi Maurice, thanks for the support. This is

    Thanks Maurice

    This is the info I m getting from Fanalab log. Not sure if you can help =)

    Thank you so much


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    I personally cant see much other than that FanaLab (and maybe also the Driver) is not installed on its default location in C which results in thousands of error messages regarding registry issues and therefore its HIGHLY recommended to never change the installation path of both FanaLab and the Driver and just install both in their default locations on Windows C.

    You can also upload Windows Event Logs (from the Windows Event View tool) which will help to further investigate if the issue continues after you uninstalled both FanaLab and the Driver and re-installed both to their default paths.

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    Hi, I have F1 22 on Origin and Fanalab 1.66 doesn't seem able to scan and pick this up. I tried manually adding the profile linking to the .exe but this doesn't seem to work. Any ideas?

  • Have tried everything, including uninstalling and installing multiple times, in multiple drivers, and nothing.

    Gave up the profile upload... hope the next update fixes it =(

    My main challenge now is with my RPM-led. it works perfectly for a few hours, then we reset the pc, led stopped working, This software should not be a headache every time it turns pc on / off. I followed every single instruction, and still not working. Frustration is the word for the moment =)

  • Unlikely that the next version fixes it if you dont provide the requests Windows Event Logs.

  • Hi there,

    today i installed Fanalab 1.66 - and now i can't start any games

    ACC, AMS2 -nothing works, no reaction in Fanalab

    I defined the path to the .exe file of every singlke game but can't get them to work?!

    any idea?



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    There is no need to set an exe path for ACC and AMS2. Why did you do that?!

    Its all done automatically when FanaLab is properly installed on C together with the newest Driver 447.

    I suggest you to uninstall FanaLab and re-install it and in the installer make sure to check the checkbox to reset FanaLab settings.

  • Hi Fanatec team, I would like to offer some feedback for future revisions of the Fanalab software. For someone who has a buttonless Podium hub (common amongst us drifters) we have to totally rely on the software to change telemetry screens. All of the default smart telemetry screens are very circuit racing focused which really isn't helpful for us drifters, although the legacy telemtry screens are actually helpful BUT because the Podium hub doesn't have an LED display, I can't customise the legacy screen which is very frustrating. So I propose 2 changes to be made.

    A) To be able to customise the Legacy telemetry screens like I can with the clubsport hub (this is usually done in the LED section but because the podium hub doesn't have any LEDs I can't do this

    B) The better and smarter option is to allow customisable Smart Telemetry options so I can pick and choose what is shown where on the screen.

    For us drifters RPM is what matters most when using H pattern as shown here:

    And Gear is what matters the most when using Sequential as shown here:

    It would be amazing to see customisable telemtry screens as not everyone is circuit/GT/Formula focused!

    Cheers guys!

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    Option B (a customizable ITM screen) is such a huge task that it's extremely unlikely that there is enough development ressources for that. So very unlikely that this will be possible anytime soon, if at all.

    But option A is indeed something which should be possible more easily as it's just enabling the Legacy Display part for the Podium DD and that's indeed a good idea.

  • As I mentioned before, I have this problem and tried several ways to solve it. Both the Fanatec solutions when it puts firmware 0, or trying to reload previous drivers, I can't update... The fan turns at maximum power but it never updates if the rest does. I sent a ticket to fanatec, but they don't give me a confirmation response as the e-mail has arrived or anything. I have the dd1 base under warranty.

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