Selling Fanatec DD Pro Wheel Base (California, USA)

Awal YusufAwal Yusuf Member
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I am selling my Fanatic DD Pro wheel base purchased in July for $550 (Retail price for brand new is $668 when you add tax). Will add WRC wheel for $700.



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    Hello, Is shipping included if I purchase both the base and the wheel at the $700 asking price? My zip is 17019. Edit Wanted to make sure it was the Xbox/PC version and 8Nm? Thanks

  • Gregg DomainGregg Domain Member
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    Obviously I'm not the seller, but "DD Pro" would imply, to me, that it's the GT DD Pro, meaning PS/PC compatible. It could be either 5Nm or 8. In either case though, if you add the WRC wheel, it will make the whole setup Xbox/PS/PC compatible.

  • Thanks Gregg. The description is a little light on info, so I thought it okay to clarify.

  • Awal YusufAwal Yusuf Member
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    Hi, yes shipping is included. It is the GT DD PRO With 8NM that works with both playstation, xbox and PC. Sorry info was little.

  • Awal,

    I'll take it. This is my first purchase from the Fanatec forums. I currently have an older Fanatec wheel on my sim rig, so I'm a familiar with the brand. My eBay buyer/seller profile is pennsylvaniavintage. I've been buying and selling on eBay since 1997 with 100% feedback profile. Just pointing this out since since I don't have any presence on this forum.

    I didn't look real hard, but I imagine you can send me a direct message to finalize the sale? I can pay with Paypal if that works for you.

    Thanks, Shayne

  • SOLD. Thank you.

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