Podium f1 wheel broken on arrival

So I got a new podium f1 setup with the f1 wheel and dd1 wheel base. The wheel was broken on arrival it looks like. The funky switch was broken from day one. Contacted customer service and they suggested trying to reinstall software etc. well obviously that isn’t going to fix a button that’s broken. But I’ve just dealt with it for a few weeks because I’ve had a lot going on in my life personally and haven’t had the time to deal with this. But I decided to reach back out to customer service about this issue because I paid a lot of money for this and this isn’t ok. Their solution is for me to send it in for repair. Now normally, this would be fine. But I think because it was broke upon arrival that they should send me a new one. I shouldn’t have to send this in for repair already and be without a wheel for who knows how long. Right? Am I wrong for this? I think they should send me a new wheel and I will send them this wheel back when I receive my replacement like a lot of companies do. Charge me for the wheel if you don’t receive it back. But me having to send the wheel in for repair and just be without a wheel for who knows how long when this was a brand new wheel and broken from day one just doesn’t seem like good customer service. Am I wrong here?


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