What is fanatec doing ?

So other companies are putting out all kinds of new products and fanatec ? One mid range pedal set thats about it. No products at all for a very long time. If my base breaks what do I do ? Go buy something else is my only option i guess. Come on Fanatec whats going ???


  • I very much prefer and value Fanatec's providing long-term support on fewer but high-quality products than releasing new products more often, increasing the complexity of its support structures/processes, and retiring its products like computer motherboard manufacturers and software developers do.

  • So the CSL DD and DD Pro dont count as new products?

  • Dominic BrennanDominic Brennan Member, Administrator

    Hi Steve, the recent blog post from Thomas provided updates on what we are working on. Of course there are many other exiting projects in the pipeline as always, please stay tuned to the blog and our social channels.

    If your base has an issue, you should contact support, by opening a ticket via the My Products section of your Fanatec account, and the unit can be serviced or replaced, depending on the situation.

    [Fanatec Community Manager]

  • Steve RubinoSteve Rubino Member
    edited November 2022

    I dont have any issues with my 2.5 and V3 , but ive been thinking about upgrading for a while now and cant get a csl dd . Im hoping they come out with another dd to be honest , but nothing for a long time , so what are we supposed to or think when nothing is in stock and nothing new is being made .

  • So no more Bases in 2022 at all? Damn. Wanted to replace my Elite1.1 with an DD1.

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