V3 )Pedals wont recognize USB or phone cable

I have a set of the V3 pedals, the other day the pedals went in and out like a bad connection with the USB port but I didn't pay it much attention. Now they have quit all together, I have tried to connect them with the phone cable and still don't get anything. Seems as if the USB board is no longer good but I am not sure. I have reached out to Fanatec multiple times and haven't been able to get ahold of anyone. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


  • The only way it will recognize if I have both the USB and the phone cable plugged in at the same time.

  • You absolutely should NEVER connect your pedals with both USB and the RJ-12 connections at the same time, as it can damage the internal circuitry. I believe there's a warning stating as much in the pdf user manual, and there should be a warning label on the pedals themselves as well.

  • Yes I understand that, but I wanted to see if it would work. There must be a short somewhere in the pedal board making it not connect correctly.

  • Doing something that the manual categorically states will damage the pedals "to see if it would work" is not very smart. Actually it's remarkably stupid. You should contact support to find out what your repair options are. You may find that as you have deliberately connected both cables, despite knowing this would damage the pedals, that your warranty is void and that any repairs are at cost.

  • I doubt there is a warranty on them, there over 4 years old. I don't mind buying a board from them. Just can't seem to get ahold of anyone.

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