GT7 FFB update

Has the latest GT7 update solved the FFB issues?

Sim racing is something I’ve always wanted to do and I’m just about to take the plunge. But reading the negativity about GT DD reliability and FFB issues it’s putting me off.

Already have a PS5 so GT7 maybe the only option.


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    Better option would be ACC.

  • The problem is that you only read the bad things, normally people only write when bad things happen..

    It's normal that you'll see some defective products, mainly when a product it's selling so much.

    There's many people that have/had the GT DD PRO / CSL DD and never had any problem at all, not to mention that it's a great wheelbase,

    I'm sure if you buy it, you're going to love it!!

  • He wiill love the device, sure, but he will definitely not love GT7. It's FFB is just bad.

  • Unfortunately that's true.. and i love Gran Turismo 7 :/

  • The tracks are 90% dead. It‘s like driving on a railroad with rubber bands. Bad, really bad.

  • Marketing, oh marketing!.

    Both companies got our money and we still have products that do not perform as advertised.

    They work yes, as hardware and software, that’s it.

    Dreaming about a class action against Polyphony but hey, let’s face reality, they don’t give a damn about this. 😀

    Wish you all a lovely day!.

  • Thanks I’m realising that the PS5 limits my racing choices. I’ve been a massive fan of Gran Turismo but time to move on. The wife will get a PS5 for Xmas and I’m off you buy a gaming PC.

    which are the must race games on PC??

  • I bought the DD Pro for playing with GT7 before it launched. If I would have waited, I would have bought a Thrustmaster T-GT ii honestly. I am having buyers remorse because I drank the coolaid of Fanatec being the new "official" GT wheel.... what a desapointment.

    Got even bitter about it lately when seeing all those pro players in the last championship event of GT all using T-GT II wheels...

    Tweeted Kaz about it, asking if they are working on FFB for GT7, not hoping to have an answer but why not... I didn't find other ways to contact PD for support on this.

  • What I have read is that Polyphony Digital dialed back the FFB on GT7 for the DD Pro because someone broke their finger.

    Fear of future lawsuits and such.

    I do agree that it is pretty weak as recently I started revisiting GT Sport and the wheel was twice as heavy there compared to GT7, my arms got a freaking workout. FFB and sensitivity on GT Sport is 5 and 5. After coming back to GT7 I increased sensitivity to 10, and FFB to 6 or 7. still not as heavy as GT Sport but I like it.

    I'm afraid if I go any higher, it will slow me down a lot in online competitions and time trials.

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