Is the QR2 ever going to be released???

It has been years now, pandemic has come and gone, all sorts of competitors have entered the market and we still have no word or updates on the QR2... What is the hold up, any time frame on its release? This is the last missing piece, for me anyway, in the Fanatec ecosystem.


  • No. And now Moza has shown up in US retailers like Micro Center. I think it's time to put a fork in Fanatec, they're done.

  • It's really a shame they just don't talk a bit about the release of that QR2. They don't have to tell everything but a small status update with this is not going to plan or that, would generate a lot more understanding.

    I'm also already waiting for years to upgrade to QR2. But the no communication at all is not very motivating to stay at Fanatec. Also we have these days more and more options to go to. I don't think the QR2 will come soon, if it will even be released. The longer it takes the more the Idea I get it will be cancelled and never come. I gave up waiting, and will upgrade my QR by going to another brand...

  • The last years you could hear something from Fanatec on Black Friday. For me, this is my personal deadline. If until BF there are not at least any news about the announced stuff like QR2 and Bentley-Wheel, then I will also switch to another brand. "Other women also have nice daughters." ;-)

    The quiet behavior feels arrogant to me. When you see how much effort they spend for advertising, then there should be some minutes left to keep customers and community up to date with some infos. But obviously they think, there is no need to do that, they have enough customers buying their stuff.

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    Fanatec seem quite happy to be using the QR2 at their advertising, I mean, special events at races. They must be "stress testing" the QR2. I noticed they used everyone's money (especially those that purchased the BMW M4 GT3 that prepaid for their QR2) to hold events and have the CEO drive race cars. Of course they dangle a carrot in front of our eyes every now and then with the WRC panel or the Bentley wheel. All they could come up with in 2022 is the BMW wheel and an update to the CSL pedals. Other companies are bringing out an entire line of wheels, bases, and pedals and Fanatec comes out with race events that the majority of us aren't able to attend, YouTube videos on how to drive, and firmware updates (which I'm actually very happy about).

  • what is the "fanatec 25" logo on mainpage?

  • Endor was founded 25 years ago.

  • Looking forward to learning more about the QR2 Lite. Hopefully it does not have the same shortcomings the QR1 Lite has.

  • Where can I find out about the shortcomings of QR Lite ?

    I'm currently having an issue with QR Lite getting unscrewed by itself while gaming, on GT DD Pro 8Nm with GT wheel. I need to find out if this a common issue with all QR Lite or a defective unit that I should ask Fanatec to replace under warranty (it's literally brand new).

  • Just look at any of the complaints about the QR1L. There's plenty find on this message board. The biggest gripe I've seen is it breaks and bends the pins on the steering wheel.

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