GT DD Pro wheel never centered when driving

Since i have bought my GT DD PRO the wheel is never centered in game and i must always recalibrate the wheel. to center 0. when driving a straight line the wheel is always a bit to the right or left. Has somebody also has this issue. Dont tell me the wheelbase is broken and must be send to fanatec because my steering wheel the mclaren gt3 is just back from repair and the wheel is also 3 months old. I have bought the set in august but i am not happy with it. My old thrustmaster was better all those years. Do i something wrong or has more people this issue.

i have posted this before in august but no comments GT DD PRO - Steering wheel not centered in game ACC — Fanatec Forum


  • No, it doesn't happen to anyone. My Fanatec gear has had some issues, indeed, but it obviously feels a lot better than whatever Logitech or Thustmaster I've owned before.

    First you should try a different game. One you've never owned before. Raceroom is free, easy to set up, and a good test if you've never used it. If the problem persists then you will need to contact support. Otherwise you'll have to dig into ACC's configurations. It is possible that you still have some old Thrustmaster configurations active.

  • Check if your QR on the wheelbase is tightened like it should at 15nm. Maybe it's currently not tight enough, changing the center point a little all the time based on a big FFB effect. During use center should stay in the center.

    Check also the openings on the clamp and the axle match like shown in the video.

  • I seems this is the solution i have tighten the screw and i looks like the problem is now over i will check tonight further and will report it later.

  • still not ok but problem is less than before i have order the quick release adapter maybe that will help. I think the qr-lite can give this problem we will see. Be continued........

  • However this may not be the problem.

    The CSL DD hub is a solid type C usb socket. if it rotated, even by a very small amount, it would be destroyed in a short time. The hub can be pulled out of the base, but it cannot rotate, there are longitudinal grooves that prevent this.

    Same thing for the QR. There are even micro rotations that result in pops or noises, but not enough to make the steering wheel visually bend. In that case the connecting pins would be bent and destroyed.

    The problem must be another.

    In the past someone has had the entire rotor axle bent to the side.

    You really should open a ticket with technical support, rather than attempting unlikely DIY repairs.

  • The QR adapter is the solution of my problem the wheel is now centered and the wheel feels much better than the lite adapter. I have used also the screw to lock the qr adapter to my base. Finally solved but why not sell the qr with the wheel with some reduce price in a set instead of the lite adapter ?.

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