Gran Turismo DD Pro (8 Nm) available for pre-order today - UPDATE 1

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GT DD Pro is back!

As I mentioned in a recent update, our component supply is looking better for 2023, and what you’re seeing is the first evidence of that. The Gran Turismo DD Pro will soon enter mass production again, but with the ongoing sea freight delays, it would take months for the first units to reach our regional warehouses when sent by the standard sea routes. So we have decided to arrange a special air shipment of the first batches to our warehouses (cutting months from the arrival time!) and as a gesture to thank you for your patience, we will absorb the costs of the air freight.

The Gran Turismo DD Pro (8 Nm) package and the Gran Turismo DD Pro Premium Bundle are the first to go live today, open for pre-orders, and we estimate the first units will be in customers’ hands before the end of February 2023. 

The availability dates are calculated conservatively; there is a strong chance the units will arrive even earlier than the estimated date currently listed on the website.

We already made pre-orders possible in EU and USA but Australia and Japan will follow shortly. CSL DD will also follow soon as we expect that all supply issues should be gone in Q2 next year.

UPDATE 1: The first units are already on the way from our production facilities to our local warehouses in Europe, USA, Australia and Japan. It is not enough yet to fullfill all open orders but production goes on in full steam and we will shortly start production of all other missing units as well.

Customers will receive their orders on a first come - first serve basis so please place your pre-order in time.


  • I had placed my pre-order prior to this announcement, as soon as I saw the DD Pro was available to do so. Would that mean my order will qualify for free air freight? Ordered on 12/11

  • Thanks Thomas. This is most welcome.

    With the competitors (TM/Logi/Moza etc) all having DD wheels in stock, this is much needed 😀

  • Yeah, same situation than @daschmit (I’ve been charged the air freight too…), would love to see a partial refund from Fanatec…

    I’ve paid the air freight twice, 3 weeks ago for my steering wheel and pedals, and now again, since it wasn’t possible to order the DD Pro back then…

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    Nobody paid for air freight. What you paid were the regular shipping costs. If you ordered a GT DD before this announcement, then you also only paid the regular shipping costs and no air freight costs. Steering Wheels and Pedals were never mentioned to be shipped in via air freight, so you also didnt paid air freight costs for those products in the past. So I dont see any issue why you should get partially refunded?!

    Fanatec covers the additional costs which air freight would usually cost for the Batch of GT DDs to be arrived in early March.

  • "and as a gesture to thank you for your patience, we will absorb the costs of the air freight."

    Fanatec just went full is this the customers fault and why should they be thankful for not having to pay more because of your supply problem? If YOU sell a product it is YOUR responsibility to keep said product in stock 🤣.

  • ^

    So Fanatec paying the air freight fees on something a customer wants, is a bad thing and, is indicative of blaming the customer for manufacturing hiccups...

    Got it. 👍️

  • Yeah them making a big deal about it is bad, not to mention that the post confused some of the customers...just read the comments.

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    Big deal? When and where did Fanatec make such a big deal, and what was the deal anyways?

  • I think he’s pointing out that it is, in no way, the consumer’s fault that the company has supply chain issues. The wording of the Fanatec post makes it sound like they’re waiving a fee as a favor when in reality, it’s a hit they need to take if they plan to stay competitive in this market.

    Their competition is innovating and has products in stock, ready to buy. Fanatec has been out of stock for months on their CSL bases and that price point is the bread and butter of the mid-range sim racing market. Moza, Logi, and Thrustmaster have competitive, similarly priced units in stock and every day Fanatec is out of stock they potentially lose new and current customers to the competition’s ecosystem. The initial buy-in of a wheel base is huge. This is a major problem for Fanatec and it’s their problem alone.

    back to rhe point though - it’s the wording of the post that the other user was taking issue with. Fanatec isn’t doing anyone any favors - they’re trying to stay competitive in a market that has recently been growing with other comparable options and ecosystems.

  • Hello!

    I can see availability changed to 1st of February. Does this mean that if I already preordered my bundle I will get around same date? Or is there any other way to track when I will get my order?


  • Now people ordered 8Nm two days ago and can get delivered today, I ordered 5 Nm last December but STILL WAITING??!!

    Thats what you told " Customers will receive their orders on a first come"?

    Is that people will receive faster if they can pay more?

    Whats wrong with you???

  • Am I right to consider that as per Mr. Jackermeier's recent January update, that the 5nm CSL DD will be back available potentially for Q2 at the earliest?

    I bought the boost kit during the Black Friday sale last year so I don't need neither the DD Pro nor the 8nm version. Given the fact the product is technically speaking the same as the versions currently available for pre-order (besides the PSU) and the comment itself is pretty vague, my gut feeling says the 5nm version will be discontinued to be fully replaced with the 8nm version to cover this supply issue and adjust to a broader range of customers with a better product :-(

    I'm worried I'm possibly waiting for a train that will never arrive, with a pile of stuff ready to mount on my playseat without the actual wheel base with my warranty time running.

    Any feedback about this is really appreciated.

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    Could we please get an update on US availability for the Gran Turismo DD Pro (5 nm version)? Much like Matias, I'm in a holding pattern trying to figure things our while I wait for this information.

  • Looks like everything except for the BMW M4 GT3 wheel and 5NM variants of the CSL-DD/GTDD Pro are available for purchase. There are even Pro bundles that add things like the metal pedal faces and loadcell to the CSL Pedals, or the performance kit to the CS-V3 Pedals, amongst other product combinations. Good to see products are finally back in stock.

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