Dd1 gt dd pro wheel low torque

how come I can’t seem to get high torque mode when I use the gt dd pro wheel with my dd1 wheel base? How do I enable it? The key is inserted and works fine with my f1 podium wheel.


  • You cant enable it.

    As described in the webshop description of the GT DD PRO the GT DD steering wheel does NOT support High Torque Mode on a Podium DD even when connected with a Metal QR1.

  • It’s reported on the special notes of the product GT DD Pro, plain and simple.

    But in these days of fast information people are not used anymore to read instructions or descriptions.

    And, by the way, typing few words in the forum search field could give you the answer in seconds.

    But yes, also this is overrated these days.

    Have a lovely day!

  • i bought it used. didnt look at any literature. would have thought all their wheels worked with all their bases properly. this makes no sense why they wouldn't allow it work with more torque. why? is the construction that poor?

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    Its the same for quite a few lower-end wheels like the whole P1 family (including the WRC wheel) and also for the GT DD Steering Wheel. Reason is because they are not build to sustain 25Nm of Torque, therefore they only operate in Low Torque mode and there is no way to bypass this.

    If you want High TOrque then you need to buy a different wheel which supports High Torque mode.

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