Is it possible to buy spare parts (potentiometers) for CSL elite pedals?

My CSL elite pedals potentiometers seem to be completely worn down, to the point where cleaning them no longer fixes them/helps. About 1½ years ago I replaced the throttle pot with the one from the clutch, but now that one has become glitchy beyond repair aswell.

I think I have looked everywhere in the fanatec shop + forum, but can't find any way/info if its possible to buy new potentiometers. Maybe I´m blind and have missed it. If so, please(!) tell me how, or direct me to the right place.

I have also tried sending a request through the support basket from my customer acount months ago, but I never got a response.

If it´s not possible to buy from fanatec, is there someone who know or has managed to find a compatable potentiometer elsewhere? (I'm not afraid to use my soldering iron if needed)

Would be really annoying if such a small cheap part would force me to buy a new set of pedals, that I otherwise like and enjoy very much.

And yes, the warranty has run out.



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