I'm fed up waiting for the qr2 for more than 2 years.

I need to buy a second qr. Could you please tell us when we could expect to have access to this so marvelous new qr?

That's enough!!




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    Nobody knows this and they wont give you an answer to this when they were silent for years.

    Last info from November is this: The latest pre-production samples are performing great, but we will only provide release dates and pricing information when we are ready. 

  • My guess is no QR2 this year. Maybe it will be here in 2024 :)

  • That's really unbelievable. Why talking for years about something? That's making no sense. Please Fanatec, do you sometime read these posts? What's the purpose of talking to your customers for something for a so long period of time?

  • It's also not worth to rush this QR2 release and have lots of issues when it's sold or have a very expensive QR2 because it's difficult to produce. Better they now iron out the issues then after release with hopefully a reasonable price.

    But indeed I also don't like the time frame. It's taking really long. Luckily I didn't buy a BMW GT3 wheel with the included QR2.

    From my side I'm already that far that when QR2 is their I probably have already switched brands or will buy something new because it's probably cheaper to switch.

  • From what I gathered when they did the interviews a few months ago the QR2 is almost ready. They ran into a problem in that it was really expensive to produce so they were trying to find a way to bring the cost down. I think I remember them saying there will be a QR2 for the Podium bases and an inexpensive Clubsport QR2 model. They're supposedly going to be released this year. I was thinking in the 1st or 2nd quarter.

  • It seems that DD1 is discontinued, and will be replaced with a new product. I guess it will come out directly with QR2.

    I think many, myself included, won't spend around 500 €/$ to upgrade their CSL wheelbase and 2 plastic CSL steering wheels to QR2. Not when at double the price Moza and Simagic offer truly premium looking complete products.

    So I think Fanatec has a lot of expectation on new product sales, rather than massive upgrade from old customers, especially CSL DD and DD Pro.

    Paradoxically, the release of QR2 alone could cause Fanatec to lose more customers than it can gain. Coming out with a new intermediate base between CSL and DD2, at a good price and improved performance, with the QR2, should be the winning move.

  • Yes Alessandro but Moza and Simagic are exclusive to PC ... so the ever-growing crowd playing on console only and already within the Fanatec ecosystem don't really have a chance but to upgrade, if they're looking forward to it.

    Or move to the other available DD for consoles.


  • DD1 is not discontinued, it is available for pre-order with delivery in April.

  • You are right, they were talking about Podium Racing Wheel F1, discontinued. In any case, I believe that it is strategically better for Fanatec to come out with a new wheelbase so that customers are encouraged to make a complete upgrade, rather than to come out with just the QR2.

    I guess it won't be cheap, at least €150 a piece, if the QR1 alone costs €100. 2 steering wheels + wheelbase + shipping I get to €500 just to continue using my old equipment. Unattractive.

  • In one of the last blog posts end of 2022 they didn't want to mention a date for QR2. If current way production is to expensive, it can be still a massive task to shave of money to produce the QR2 which has again impact on quality. Making you do all tests again, to see if there are no hidden weaknesses or tolerance issues etc. Probably also the reason they are not giving a date and price yet.

    Also in the blog post they said only to mention a date and price when they are ready. So yes in theory it could be done next week. But knowing Fanatec it could also easily be end of 2024. At least I'm not expecting it soon or maybe even this year. If they are quicker to release it's just a bonus.

  • I've been waiting for more than a year now for the QR2. I would like to buy some wheels but I see no point because later I will have to expend extra for the QR2 for each wheel. It's making me even thinking about changing to an other brand ecosystem...

  • It would be appreciated if Fanatec would be transparent about it. If cost is an issue, say so. Just come out and say "the QR2 is more or less done, but we're not happy with the price point it's currently at so we're trying to find ways to bring the cost down". Anything would be better than just radio silence and sneaks at it during the expos and such.

  • I emailed Fanatec yesterday and they said QR2 will be released in May 2023

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    That's most likely Fake News.

    They would never write this to anyone when it's not even officially announced.

  • I have it in my inbox, from Fanatec Support

  • Guys, I wrote yesterday to fanatec Support because I wanted to exchange my QR1 due to roominess. I asked if QR2 would be available soon and they replied that they expecte to be released in May. You can believe me or not. I am not going to publish a private email... imagine this person from Support is wrong and Fanatec fires her for disclosing things that she shouldnt... I know what they have said. You can believe me or not, in any case I know what I know and you will live with the doubt

  • The wait for Qr2 has stopped me purchasing any new wheels for 2years which i would have happily done but then didnt want to be recharged to buy new another Qr .

    I think that Fanatec need to stop announcements for products as though they are imminent releases.

    I have had my DD2 since 2019 and now sadly am out of patience with delayed or out of stock products. My next upgrade won't be fanatec due to this type of business model and lack of communication to consumers.

  • Like any other serious company I am assuming Fanatec is booking their hours on projects they are working on. The QR2 project must have been going on for years now, and I am curious to know how many internal hours have been assigned to this :)

    How this project is going to make money is a mystery to me. They better sell boatloads of them.

  • Any news on the QR2 or still nothing on a forseable horizon ?

  • No news, asked yesterday to Fanatec that replied me:

    "Dear Emanuele, sadly we don't have any information on the new QR2, we are really sorry."

    Sincerely i finished my big patience and I'm seriously thinking sell my DD1 + RIM and go with Simucube + Cubecontrols with a pretty decent QR for the torque provided by the base.

    We can say what we want but Fanatec QR1 is good for CSL / CSW / CSL DD bases, not for Podium where flex...a little but flex. I always used the extra screw, helps yes...but there is a little flex that in my opinion is not not acceptable in a highend wheel base

  • users of csl dd report that they have a flex problem if the steering wheel is with QR lite. when they put QR1 metal, the flex is greatly reduced, but the clicking remains. which is solved by screwing it into the mount and shaft.

    as we can see in the Boosted Media video, the shaft that enters the base is also moving.

    it's still a problem that Fanatec has to solve, and that's why QR2 needs to come to market as soon as possible.

    I hope you will be patient and stay in the Fanatec eco system and try, if you haven't already, to help yourself with Z-Ring.

    I'm personally looking to buy a Fanatec base and steering wheel, but I've been waiting for a long time for them to introduce QR2 into the entire system, to see if they've fixed the ongoing problems and to buy what I'm interested in.

    this is how they make me, like many others, seriously think about other eco systems, first of all the direct competitor Moza.

  • Interesting. Aug, 12 and nothing about QR2. Well, you know? I'm so happy with my eco fanatec system. QR1 works perfeclty for many years, no 2,4ghz wireless interferences like simagic products. using CSW 2.0, 2.5, until 2019 DD2. I have Classic v2 with xbox hub v2, f1 limited 2021, porsche 911 gt3 rs bme with xbox hub v2, maclaren gt3 + QR1, and HIVE wheels ( brazilian producer ) for custom hybrid F1 GT3 with podium hub. All games works as well and recognyzes. So, whats the point? I don't need any "QR2" adapter for now.

  • Like seriously when?

    I know the marginally small slop in the wheel isn't terrible, but I've got an M4 GT3 wheel, DD2, V3i pedals, but I'm borderline just wanting to sell it all and switch to simucube. If Fanatec had never announced the QR2 I might be happy as a clam, but knowing I'm suppose to be having a better experience but are not is infuriating.

  • A little update on the situation as we approach the end of 2023 would be nice from fanatec.

    Are we years, months, weeks or days away from a release? 

    Will the buyers of the M4 wheel who have already paid the price for the QR2 on the wheel side ever receive their parcel?

    Already this year, for lack of anything new on the pedals side, I ended up replacing my V3 with an HE. I'd been waiting a long time for an announcement about the podium pedals (if that's the case, I waited a long time but the product didn't exist...)

    A little news to reassure fanatec customers, please!

  • "Will the buyers of the M4 wheel who have already paid the price for the QR2 on the wheel side ever receive their parcel?"

    -> Yes.

  • Thank you Maurice ;) Good news

    But the question is when? 2023? 2024? 2025? 

  • 😭 We're getting close to our goal. I hope the wait will be over for good this time!

    Thank you Maurice! 👍️

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