Driver mouse over help popup?

Hi, Are there any adjustments to the help screen popups to make them appear a little longer? I'm finding it difficult to read them (I guess it's an age!) before they disappear!




  • You cant adjust the timing of the hint pop-up.

    It's currently set to 15 seconds, how long would you say is needed for your age to read through the whole hint text? ;)

  • Given my age, I would set it to around about 22 sec....It's a little annoying when there is a lot of text and it disappears halfway through, you have to move the mouse off and back on again to finish reading, and sometimes I can't remember where I read it disappears yet again...and so on, I have to do this about 3-4 times. would it not be a good idea to have it with an adjustable time? Or it's just me! I need to read!!

  • If there's so much text in a mouseover tooltip that people are running out of time and can't read it all before it disappears, then perhaps the wording of that tooltip needs to be rethought and consolidated. Either that or the explanation text might be more effective if given a permanent place within the UI.

  • Or the tooltip simply remains visible until the user removes their mouse from the hyperlink that causes the tooltip to appear.

    More generally, it would be helpful if Fanatec (and their little helpers) would simply feedback user suggestions to the dev team, rather than invent sardonic reasons for why suggestions won't be done. It's becoming a habit.

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    Dont understand your last part because I explicitly asked the OP how he thinks the timer should be adjusted and I have already forwarded his Suggestion to the developer yesterday...

    So... The "little helpers" are doing exactly this, helping :)

    Will update the internal issue as well with your Suggestion to let the hint tip show until the user actively moved the Mouse away. This is how FanaLab is handling the hint pop-ups already and for consistency and user friendly I think this will be how the Driver will adapt in a future update.

  • "It's currently set to 15 seconds, how long would you say is needed for your age to read through the whole hint text? ;)"

    If this comment isn't intended to read sardonically, then why the little wink?

    More importantly, glad it is being looked at.

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    The "little wink" was meant to be ironic because of the part regarding the age of the OP - which the OP mentioned -> "(I guess it's an age!)"

    So that ";)" at the end should indicate the ironic part of the age thing in my question and should be funny. But it seems not everyone can understand such irony in the www.

    Anyway, yes, its being looked at and if possible it will be changed to how you suggested, to show the hint text until the user actively moves away the mouse - like FanaLab is already doing it. I have set the Milestone to Driver release 451 but depending on importance of other tasks it might slip into 452, thats up to the dev now.

  • Which is, in itself, quite ironic. :-)

  • Indeed it is :-)

  • It's good that it's being looked into..."Gagaryn" suggestion that it remains on is a better one, thanks for that ;) @Maurice I took your post in the manner it was given ;) Thank you!


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    This feature suggestion / improvement is btw implemented in driver 451 :)

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