CSL DD Sudden sharp turn left for a split second

Hello, after trying to find anyone with a similar issue on their CSL DDs and not having any luck I'm posting this.

I have a CSL DD with 8nm booster kit, and a Clubsport F1 V2 with QR1. The issue I'm having is when I'm using the wheel, after some time (usually 20-30 minutes) I start getting random jolts in the steering, that feel like I've just hit a kerb straight on. After checking the replay, this is what is happening: https://streamable.com/kecb3c

It seems that for a fraction of a second the wheel turns left on it's own. I seem to be able to replicate this issue by turning left and right in quick succession and it randomly pops up again.

Things I've tried:

  • Rocking the steering wheel itself while turning or in a straight to check if it triggered this issue (it didn't)
  • Driving at full force, clipping and all, to check if it was a power issue, wasn't able to replicate the issue.
  • Switched outlets, switched USB ports, updated drivers.

I'm using Fanalabs aswell, fully updated. I have the wheel on a sim rig, there isnt anything loose, my PC doesn't freeze and is very capable (5600x CPU, 32GB RAM, RTX 3080)

I'm at a loss. I feel I've tried everything, but don't want to break a finger by being caught off guard when the wheel decides to suicide turn.

Anyone had this issue?


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