Delay in reaching maximum brake pressure on my Fanatec Clubsport v3

Hello, I'm running latest firmware for the pedals (I believe 1.35) and to be 100% honest, I really didn't think this was an issue until I started to compare my telemetry to top drivers and looking for ways to improve.

The most common issue identified in the telemetry is how 'slow' brake application is from 0 to MAX, doesn't matter how fast or hard I smash the pedal, the curve is always kind of slow (compared to an al most instant 0 to 100) seen in the telemetry.

I obviously understand the differences between digital and analog controllers. Brake being an axis will always have a slight curve and not be a 0 - 1 / On-Off thing.

I have experimented lowering the brake force to 50% and this defininitely helps, problem is I'm used to 99% brake force.

In my observations, it seems the greater the brake force the slower the curve response. Don't you think this might be a bug?


  • Also, as an experiment tried assigning brake to the other pedals (clutch and accelerator) and it was perfect. Response is almost instant.

    Things I'll try next:

    1) Connect the pedals via USB directly to the PC (they are connected to the wheel now)

    2) Try to make the pedals more 'spongy' rotating the rod behind the pedal and see if it makes a difference.

    Just wanted to share this here as it seems there might be an issue that is only apparent when you are trying to compete at higher levels.

  • You can't use the loadcell 100% because your leg doesn't have enough strength to saturate it. You have to adjust it according to the game and sometimes even according to the car.

    A game like ACC allows you to brake 100% using the GT3's ABS. However the best drivers do not use more than 80% of the braking on iRacing with the same GT3s. In Rally games you never want to use maximum braking on dirt and snow.

    And in any case, even on ACC it is good practice to have the ABS operate as little as possible because it lengthens the braking distances. Modulating the brake is the most important thing. You have to adjust the brakes to get to 100% in the shortest possible time, and then get your muscle memory used to modulating the force for each single corner of the circuit.

    That's not a issue with LC, that's just how it's supposed to work, which is why its strength is adjustable.

  • Hi Alessandro, thank you for your answer, but I believe I did not explain myself correctly. Its not about how much 'pressure' but how 'quick' you get up to that pressure once you press the pedal

  • Not sure if this is related to your issue Jesus, but there are folks who reported brake response delay issue on Clubsport V3 pedals with FW 1.35.

    Try installing previous version, 1.32 to see if you're experiencing the same. Good luck.

  • Yes exactly, it's a muscle issue. You don't have enough strength to reach 100% of the force required on the brake pedal.

    For me this value is 85% with CSL Pedals. I can get to 100%, but much later than 85% which is pretty much on/off.

    It's absolutely normal, our muscles don't have unlimited strength, and when they reach their limit they struggle. Your foot can only press the pedal up to a certain point, then it struggles to continue.

    It's something you should have worried about when you bought the pedals, doing some blank tests. Now, as you wrote, you are used to a brake that is too hard, but you simply have to lower that calibration to a value that allows you to brake hard as quickly as possible, and consequently modulate the force in all the other points of the circuit , getting used to using less force.

    And finally, since the pedal is a lever, its position also matters. A vertical, formula-type position allows you to push harder and faster, compared to a more horizontal, truck-style position. So if you have a cockpit that allows you to tilt the pedal plate, you could also try to tilt them more.

    A Load Cell brake pedal can actually improve your lap times, but also significantly worsen them if misused.

  • Thank you Alessandro. Like you, I also found 85% aprox to be the sweet spot. I can brake almost 'instantly' with that BRF setting. So, I'll guess I will have to just live with it. I've seen telemetry from other guys that are VERY fast (world record fast) and their 'curve' is similtar to mine, not instant. So, reaching peak brake pressure 'fast' vs instantly is not making that much diference in terms of times.

    Again, thank you for taking the time to explain this. really appreciate it.

  • in my case, we are talking about a very very subtle delay that can be fixed by simply lowering the BRF value. I believe Alessandro explanation makes a lot of sense. In fact, those drivers that probably have 'instant' 0 to 100% brake application using LC pedals are not using a linear axis setting but more like saturation value in some other advanced pedals. Point here is I will not get 5 teenths faster by either completely "removing" that perceived delay or by lowering BRF to 85% so I'll just leave it as is. THanks for trying to help!

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