Mid corner lower FFB (feels like understeer)

Hi guys

i’m having a very weird problem with my DD pro Wheelbase on F1 22 (ps4). In the beginning everything worked perfect. 2 Days ago I let a friend of mine play with the DD pro on GT7. After that my FFB on f1 22 was much lower. I normally can’t play on Max FFB in game but now i can drive a full race with Max FFB. I already updated my DD pro by connecting it to my laptop. Still nothing. On the straights when I move my wheel the FFB is still very strong. Maybe try and reboot my ps4?


  • Btw it’s the 8nm dd pro :p

  • I have a similar issue as of right now. it feels as if I am understeering through all corners.

  • You also got the problem just now? I have it since 2-3 Days. Maybe it is an update or something ?

  • I play both and there are no changes in F1 22 recently. I switch back and forth w/o those issues.

    But a possible cause could be if you have picked the Auto or Simple setup on wheel tuning menu (little button near the display). Games can use Auto to adjust the wheel settings, so it could be that switching to GT7 changed some of the parameters - but I don’t think F1 22 uses auto so those changes would not be reset.

    Best to use the advance tuning modes and set a specific set for each game and manually change as you need to

  • my issue started recently, however it was preceded by an other similar issue.

    at first I got an issue were my cls dd would start a "wobble" or "FF steps" it would continuously switch FF strength when turning. It was very notable, even with minimal steering input. Imagine steering slightly to the left at high speed (Melbourne between turn 8 and 9). When steering u feel a force of 5NM and then suddenly it lowers to 2NM, than back to 5NM and 2NM again. Over and over.

    (2 days later) This issue eventually was replaced with the continuous understeering feeling that you described yourself. now it just feels like it lowers in FF, but doesn't go back up again. In other words, I feel completely blind going into a corner.

    I tried messing around with the settings in the control panel. Interestingly the DPR (damper effect strength) was affected by the understeer phenomenon. However, turning this setting up would still result in a bad feeling for the turn as the DPR would be the only force I could feel through the corners.

    Hence I assume 1 or more of the individual circuits responsible for regulating either the FEI FOR SPR, or FFS setting has an issue. I am considering opening the cls dd to check for any problems. However, I will most likely not find it as I expect it to be a defect capacitor or diode.

  • The problem is that i can’t change the wheel settings on my ps4. But for f1 23 I’m buying a ps5 so maybe I won’t have the issues there. It’s not that the FFB is really gone. Just in the cornering, on the straights I don’t have any problems. The steering on there is very strong even. Also checken for any updates for the Wheelbase with my laptop but nothing changed.

  • The DPR part I feel as well. The moment I turn it on the steering feels less smooth. When you drive in a straight, do you still have strong FFB? Because when I warm up my tires the FFB is still pretty good.

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    yes driving straight I have no issue, even when warming the tires. I do however also experience it in the 2 turns part of the straight at Baku. though a little less pronounced.

  • Just raced Baku yesterday as Well and felt the same problem on Some corners, feels like massieve understeer. Even when I brake early. Probably just something in the game. After I raced on Silverstone and wasn’t perfect but it was much better. Let’s hope that f1 23 Will feel perfect again ! Do you also play on ps4?

  • no I drive on PC, I have the problem on both melbourne and baku, haven't tried any other tracks. for so far I know there wasn't any update for f1 around the time my issue began though. I checked their website and the last one was around January.

  • I had contact with fanatec and dd pro has 2 year warranty. I’m going to wait untill I have my ps5 console so i can test If it’s still the same. If not I’m going to send it back for repairs. It could be an issue with the motor they told me. They are very helpfull !

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    The settings are on the wheel itself - the tuning menu accessed by the tiny button next to the display. PS4/PS5 is not involved. See the fanatec documentation for accessing the tuning menu on the wheel. There is simple mode and avanced mode. The simple mode does not show all the settings for the wheel. The AUTO setting is one of the presets

  • So you mean I can’t change any settings from my wheelbase for playing on ps4? Sorry I don’t speak english so i don’t understand everything perfect :p

  • Sorry.

    the base has 2 modes for PS4/5. Change these by pressing the power button quickly. Blue is native mode for PS5 and GT7, F1, ACC. Purple is PS4 Compatability mode for older games. This is how the PS4/5 recognize the wheel base as a controller. Red, green, yellow don’t work w PS4/5

    Tuning settings for the wheel base to set Force Feedback strength and other features are set using the tuning menu on the wheel. This is the tiny black button by the wheel display. There are 2 modes - simple and advanced. There are 5 slots plus auto for saving settings for different games. I think only GT7 will recognize auto, which sets the values on the wheel for that game.

    Different games need different settings on the wheel for best Force Feedback

    You need to read the doucmentation with the wheel on how to set the values on the wheel.

    The PS4/5 does not have any way to adjust the wheel settings (unless the game developer uses AUTO which most do not)

    You have to make those changes on the wheel itself. You can probably find youtube vids showing how this works.

  • ooh Yes I have been trying to play around with the blue and purple settings but i didn’t really understand it. I Will try to find Some video’s or check the documentation for better understanding! I hope I Will find it and otherwise I Will have to send it back to fanatec :p

    thanks for the help !

  • In the tuning menu I have to use the C set to change this settings right?

    or like you said just run in advanced?

    i’m not home right now but I think your suggestions might work so massive thanks for that! I remember now when I just starter I played in the ‘C set’ and I might have changed Some things without knowing.

  • I think advanced mode is best, because most games have specific settings for best results.

    Also if you have a Windows PC, install the fanatec driver software. You can use that to update the wheel firmware, and can use it to see and set the wheel settings. Wheel must be in Red mode for PC connection

  • Yes i already updated the everything. Didn’t change anything het but Maybe in advanced it Will :-)

    thanks !

  • So i tried tuning the game in advanced but still nog change :/. Guess I Will have to send it back. I also noticed that in game I feel no difference between 110 to 150 FFB. Just stays the same.

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